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Another word for solution. Find more ways to say solution, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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Words related to solution quick fix , explanation , result , unfolding , elucidation , clarification , explication , key , solving , solvent , juice , blend , elixir , fluid , mix , compound , suspension , sap , extract , dissolvent

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solution definition: 1. the answer to a problem: 2. a liquid into which a solid has been mixed and has dissolved: 3…. Learn more.

Over-used Words & Clichés: What’s Another Word for “Solution”

For at least five years this word consistently tops any list of banned words and clichés every year. It’s a lazy word. Solution can just as easily mean a wheelbarrow when talking about a gardening solution as it can a piece of sales automation software when talking about a technology solution. It means nothing. Yet, everyone still uses it.

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— Adjectives for solution: only, saturated, best, dilute, aqueous, optimal, final, standard, solid, possible, acid, more... — People also search for: remedy, panacea, silver bullet, platform, alternatives, turnkey, magic bullet, compromise, tool, approach, more... — Use solution in a sentence

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Synonyms for find the solution include reason, solve, sort out, think through, work out, crack, decipher, decode, decrypt and disentangle. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

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absolution · andalusian · attribution · constitution · contribution · devolution · diminution · dissolution · distribution · elocution · evolution · execution · institution · lilliputian · no pollution · persecution · prosecution · prostitution · resolution · restitution · retribution · revolution · substitution.

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Explore the Words. show: definitions & notes only words. anticipation. the act of predicting, as by reasoning about the future. constipation. irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels; can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis. dissipation. breaking up …

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Definition and synonyms of solution from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of solution.View American English definition of solution.. Change your default dictionary to American English.

what are three words that mean solutions of a quadratic ...

3/17/2014 · what are three words that mean solutions of a quadratic equation? much appreciated. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Holly. 7 years ago. Favorite Answer ... Those are all I can think of. Source(s): Calculus. 1 0. Kim. Lv 6. 7 years ago. A root, zero or solution. 1 0. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now. Ask Question + 100 ...

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This glossary of chemistry terms is a list of terms and definitions relevant to chemistry, including chemical laws, diagrams and formulae, laboratory tools, glassware, and equipment.Chemistry is a physical science concerned with the composition, structure, and properties of matter, as well as the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions; it features an extensive vocabulary and a ...

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Synonyms & Antonyms of resolution. 1 a position arrived at after consideration. her resolution to become a vegetarian is based on what she recently learned about modern farming practices. Synonyms for resolution. award, call, conclusion, decision, deliverance,

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band-aid solution definition: 1. a temporary solution that does not deal with the cause of a problem: 2. a temporary solution…. Learn more.

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Slipping up doesn’t mean you’ll immediately be destroyed, but if you get sloppy, you certainly won’t last long. Let’s have a look at the word chronic that is used to describe something lasting for a long time as in chronic drinker or chronic pain. A phrase, sentence, or inscription, in which certain letters (usually distinguished by size or otherwise from the rest) express by their ...

401+ Ridiculously Useful Power Words To Increase Conversions

7/15/2019 · Why Power Words Amp Up Your Marketing. Power words crank up your marketing effectiveness by: Evoking emotion: People connect to emotion, not words.Studies show that content that elicits emotion (anxiety, amusement) is more likely to be shared than those that aren’t “emotionally charged.” Power words are key to evoking these “high arousal” emotions.

30 Examples of Slang Words From the Past and Today

Examples of Outdated Slang. Some slang words that were once popular are no longer used. For example: Cat's pajamas: This term was commonly used by flappers in the 1920s to mean that something was exciting, new, or excellent. Though it doesn't make much sense, it does use vivid imagery.

Latin word list

lacuna : missing letters, words, or phrases in a manuscript. lacuna : a hole, empty space ... loosening / payment / solution / explanation. solvo : to loosen, untie, release ... sound. sono : to make a noise / sing / celebrate / (of words) to mean. sophismata : false conclusions, logical fallacies. sopor : deep sleep. sordeo : to be dirty ...

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Related Words. Related Words runs on several different algorithms which compete to get their results higher in the list. One such algorithm uses word embedding to convert words into many dimensional vectors which represent their meanings. The vectors of the words in your query are compared to a huge database of of pre-computed vectors to find similar words.

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ablution, acuition, aleutian, circuition, confucian, dilution, djiboutian, elution, exspuition, ilyushin, imbution, locution, penutian, pultrusion, solution, traducian, volution 4 syllables :

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