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Dec 15, 2020 · Nitrogen dioxide; Airborne particles, or aerosols; Ground level ozone and airborne particles are the two air pollutants that pose the greatest risk to human health in the United States. They are also the two of the main ingredients in smog, a type of air pollution that reduces visibility. ... For example, satellites in NOAA’s GOES-R (short ...


NITROGEN TRIOXIDE is an oxidizing agent. Nonflammable but may cause fires when mixed with combustible materials. Reacts with reducing agents to generate heat and products that may be gaseous (causing pressurization of closed containers). The products may themselves be capable of further reactions (such as combustion in the air).

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Squeeze or stretch the graph in either direction by holding the Shift key while you click and drag. The bright red line (source data) shows monthly average carbon dioxide at NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory on Hawai'i in parts per million (ppm): the number of carbon dioxide molecules per million molecules of dry air. Over the course of the year, values are higher in Northern Hemisphere winter and ...

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Apr 21, 2020 · Based on this data, he produced a global overview for regions with high and prolonged amounts of nitrogen dioxide pollution. "I looked at the values for January and February of this year, before the corona outbreaks in Europe began," explained Ogen. He combined this data with data from the US weather agency NOAA on vertical air flows.

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He came to NOAA in 1997 as an NRC post-doctoral fellow working with Dr. A. R. Ravishankara, was a Research Scientist with CIRES at the University of Colorado from 2000 - 2005, and has served as a federal Research Chemist since then. His major research theme at NOAA has been the chemistry and impacts of nitrogen oxides in the Earth's atmosphere.

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Nitrogen dioxide is an air pollutant that damages the human respiratory tract. For many years it has been known to cause many types of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in humans.

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Aug 07, 2017 · A new study in Science projects that climate change will increase the amount of nitrogen ending up in U.S. rivers and other waterways by 19 percent on average over the remainder of the century — and much more in hard-hit areas, notably the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River Basin (up 24 percent) and the Northeast (up 28 percent).

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ORNL DAAC: This dataset provides in situ concentrations of nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), total reactive nitrogen oxides (NOy), and ozone (O3) measured by the NOAA Nitrogen Oxides and Ozone (NOyO3) 4-channel chemiluminescence (CL) instrument during airborne campaigns conducted by NASA's Atmospheric Tomography (ATom) mission. NOyO3 provides fast-response, specific, high precision ...

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Jan 16, 2021 · Nitrogen dioxide definition is - a toxic reddish brown gas NO2 that is a strong oxidizing agent, is produced by combustion (as of fossil fuels), and is an atmospheric pollutant (as in smog).

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measurements of nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2), total reactive nitrogen oxides (NO y), and ozone (O 3) on the NASA DC-8 during the Southeast Asia Composition, Cloud, Climate Coupling Regional Study (SEAC4RS) project. This instrument has previously flown on the NOAA WP-3D research aircraft on multiple field projects since 1995.

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May 04, 2020 · Nitrogen Dioxide (NO 2) is a key component of urban air pollution. As gasoline-based vehicular traffic drops, so do NO 2 emissions and airborne particulate pollution. NOAA scientists looked for the signals of decreased NO 2 emissions by using instruments on the NOAA/NASA Suomi-NPP satellite and on the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Sentinel-5P ...


React with acids to form toxic nitrogen dioxide gas. A violent explosion occurs if an ammonium salt is melted with a nitrite salt [Von Schwartz 1918. p 299]. A mixture with potassium cyanide may cause an explosion [Pieters 1957. p. 30].

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Nov 05, 2020 · Nutrient pollution is the process where too many nutrients, mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, are added to bodies of water and can act like fertilizer, causing excessive growth of algae. Nutrients can run off of land in urban areas where lawn and garden fertilizers are used.

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Apr 16, 2020 · But this year nitrogen dioxide didn't rebound as it usually does. A preliminary analysis by NASA researchers, discussed on NASA's Earth Observatory, compared nitrogen dioxide values detected by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA's Aura satellite in 2020 with the average amounts detected at this time of year from 2005–2019. In early 2020, nitrogen dioxide values in eastern and …

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The program measures Nitrogen Dioxide (NO 2), including NO 2 90° slant column density data, from Mauna Loa Observatory. How does this program work? The NO 2 monitor uses a single grating monochromator to measure the skylight between 450 nm and 490 nm, with a resolution of about 1 nm.


Liquid NITROGEN TETROXIDE is an oxidizing agent consisting of an equilibrium mixture of colorless dinitrogen tetraoxide (N2O4) and red-brown nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The exact composition of the mixture depends on the temperature with higher temperature favoring conversion to NO2. Vaporizes readily to give NO2, also an oxidizing agent.


Nitric oxide combines rapidly with oxygen in the air to form nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide reacts with water to form nitric acid and nitric oxide, reacts with alkalis to form nitrates and nitrites [Merck 11th ed. 1989]. The liquid nitrogen oxide is very sensitive to detonation, in the presence of water.

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In addition to a harmless form of nitrogen that composes more than three-quarters of the Earth’s atmosphere, you also breathe in air pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide, just to name a few of the most prevalent.

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Feb 04, 2021 · Hourly (red circles) and Daily (yellow circles) averaged CO 2 values from Mauna Loa, Hawaii for the last 31 days.. The graph, updated daily, shows as individual points daily and hourly mean CO 2 for the last 31 days. Daily average CO 2 values are computed from selected hourly values that satisfy 'background' conditions, i.e. stability and persistence of CO 2 concentrations (read below for …

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