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noun a mineral, iron manganese tungstate, (Fe,Mn)WO4, occurring in heavy grayish-black to brownish-black tabular or bladed crystals: an important ore of tungsten.

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Wolfram mineral data, information about Wolfram, its properties and worldwide locations.

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Tungsten, sometimes called wolfram, is a metal only found naturally in chemical compounds, such as in the ore minerals wolframite and scheelite. Tungsten has the highest melting point and one of the highest densities of all metals. When combined with carbon, it forms a compound that is almost as hard as diamond. These and other properties make it useful in a wide variety of important ...

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Minerals. A mineral is a naturally occurring chemical compound or element, usually crystalline in Explore thousands of minerals, which all vary in color, shape and other properties, using Wolfram...

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Jul 03, 2019 · Tungsten is a grayish-white transition metal with atomic number 74 and element symbol W. The symbol comes from another name for the element—wolfram. While the name tungsten is approved by the IUPAC and is used in Nordic countries and …


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Wolfram (W) ma masę atomową równą 74. Poznaj jego właściwości chemiczne i fizyczne, stany skupienia, energię, elektrony, utlenianie i więcej.

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The chemical symbol for tungsten is W which stands for Wolfram. The name came from medieval German smelters who found that tin ores containing tungsten had a much lower yield. It was said that the tungsten devoured the tin “like a wolf”. Pure tungsten metal was first isolated by two Spanish chemists, the de Elhujar brothers in 1783.

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Wolframite is an iron manganese tungsten oxide {(Fe.Mn)WO 4} mineral.The mineral crystallizes in monoclinic system with perfect cleavage, and occurs as massive dark gray to brown-black color and submetallic shining luster (Fig. 1.51).

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A group of silicate minerals which have an Si:O ratio of 1:3, but have a slightly different structure. Both pyroxenes and pyroxenoids contain octahedrally coordinated cations between SiO3 chains. In the pyroxenoids, however, the chains are twisted. Mineral Formula pectolite Ca2NaH(SiO3)3 pyroxferoite ? rhodonite MnSiO3 wollastonite CaSiO3

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(British) Mineral water. (Ireland, South Africa, informal) A soft drink, particularly a single serve bottle * 1599 , , IV. i. 26: O'er whom his very madness, like some ore / Among a mineral of metals base...

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Feb 28, 2021 · It doesn’t occur naturally in its pure metallic state, however. It’s found in several ores like scheelite and wolfram. Most of it comes from China, which accounts for about 85% of the world’s supply. In 2013, China produced an estimated 68,000 metric tons. Russia comes in at a distant second at just 3,600 tons.

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Wolframite is an iron manganese tungsten oxide {(Fe.Mn)WO 4} mineral. The mineral crystallizes in monoclinic system with perfect cleavage, and occurs as massive dark gray to brown-black color and submetallic shining luster (Fig. 1.51). Wolframite depicts uneven to rough fracture, and reddish-brown streak.

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Mineral specimens of Wolfram Camp, near Mareeba, Queensland

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Wolframite: Mineral information, data and localities

de Elhuyar, J.J. and F. (1785) A Chemical Examination of Wolfram and Examination of a New Metal Which Enters into its Composition, London (as Tungstic acid, iron, and manganese).

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Wolframite Group Mineral & Chemical Properties by Midwest Tungsten. Property: Ferberite: Wolframite: Huebnerite: Formula: FeWO4 (Fe, Mn)WO4: MnWO4: WO3 Content (%)

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Wolfram is a hacked client for Minecraft that allows you to do all kinds of cheats and hacks that the game normally wouldn't allow, such as flying in Survival Mode, finding ores with X-Ray vision and automatically attacking enemies.

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Tidigare hade ett annat mineral i tysk bergshantering kallats Wolfram ("vargfradga"), och "volfram" var det namn bröderna de Elhuyar gav sitt nya grundämne. Scheeles tungsten blev också en spridd benämning, men numera syftar tungsten i svenska språket enbart på scheelit.

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See more ideas about Cristale, Minerale, Wolfram. Pala International is home to some of the planet's finest gems, precious stones and mineral specimens.

Molybdenite crystal mass, with Wolframite, Wolfram Camp

Here is an interesting mass of Molybdenite crystrals, with attached Wolframite(probably Ferberite), from an Australian classic locality for the species of Molybdenite, Wolfram Camp, Mareeba Shire, Queensland, Australia. This is a large specimen, Approximately 300 grams, or 11 OZ. Size is 4inch, x2inch,x1 inch.

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Fisher (1989) advocated using the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of the composition matrix of a set of minerals for the determination of reactions between the minerals, and therefore of the compatibility relationships between mineral assemblages.


Mineral Search : Back to Minerals List | Filter List: Search for a term: wolframite. Some important minerals are not here yet. We are constantly working on expanding ...

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A very lovely piece, large and imposing, heavy and very shiny. Excellent association with very shiny siderite (see photos) all around the stone. The back of the stone is completely covered with siderite and mica with a lovely original shape (see photos) with very long and shiny wolfram crystals. Small Siderite crystals on the back of the piece and very shiny. It seem in the picture that there ...

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History & Etymology In 1556, Georgius Agricola (1494-1555) referred to the existence of a mineral lupi spuma (= wolf's foam; in German wolf rahm), today known as wolframite. It was so called due to the apparent tin "eating" during the extraction, like the wolf eats the sheep.

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What does wolfram mean? Wolframite. (noun) German Wolfram wolframite, tungsten from earlier a mineral (possibly wolframite) with a sooty appearance that when present in tin ore made the extraction of tin more difficult Wolf wolf (because the mineral seemed to eat up tin as a wolf eats a sheep) (from Middle High German) (from Old High German wl̥kwo-in Indo-European roots) -ram (from Middle ...

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Wolframite, another name for the hübnerite-ferberite series of manganese/iron tungstates, is perhaps the most important ore of tungsten.These minerals have a structure, unlike that of the other tungstates, based on WO 6 octahedra— i.e., each tungsten atom is surrounded by six oxygen atoms arranged at the…

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Wolframite, (Fe,Mn)WO 4, is an iron manganese tungstate mineral that is the intermediate between ferberite (Fe 2+ rich) and hübnerite (Mn 2+ rich). Along with scheelite, the wolframite series are the most important tungsten ore minerals. Wolframite is found in quartz veins and pegmatites associated with granitic intrusives.

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WOLFRAM purchases raw materials from producers around the world. Our suppliers are both large industrial mines as well as cooperative and small-scale mines in Africa or South America.

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Wolfram ditemukan dalam wolframit (besi-mangan wolframat (Fe,Mn)WO 4 sebagai larutan padat mineral ferberit FeWO 4 dan hübnerite MnWO 4), dan scheelit (kalsium wolframat (CaWO 4). Mineral wolfram lainnya relatif langka dan tidak memiliki nilai ekonomis. Mereka mencakup wolfram alami yang baru saja disetujui. Produksi

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The Wolfram Group Properties and The Scheelite Group Properties as well as Minor Tungsten Minerals Group.

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Sep 12, 2011 · Wolfram or tungsten has a variety of uses including its use as the filament in light bulbs. However, it was of particular value in producing war munitions.

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The Wolfram Camp deposit is a quartz-rich pipe-like type deposit, with major element zoning around the pipes (Plimer, 1974). Similar to other pipe-like Mo- W-Bi(+/-Sn) deposits in the Tasman Geosyncline of Eastern Australia, it is hosted in the greisen altered margin and roof zone of a granite mass.

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Definition of wolframite : a brown to black mineral consisting of a tungstate of iron and manganese occurring especially in monoclinic crystals and used as a source of tungsten First Known Use of wolframite circa 1868, in the meaning defined above

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WOLFRAM is the only integrated tungsten smelting plant outside Asia and Russia. Therefore, we have expertise in all aspects of the process, from exploration through to the finished products. We are the preferred partner for new mining projects due to our experience and competence in mining and processing of tungsten ores.

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