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These results prove that mining in Kudremukh National Park is the primary cause of very high sediment loads, and that a major proportion of the total load can occur from just a few very high rainfall events each monsoon. This study clearly demonstrates the adverse impact of mining in Kudremukh on sediment discharge in the Bhadra River

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The problem with low-grade iron ore is that it generates a vast amount of waste, known as tailings. In the case of Kudremukh, with an iron ore content of just 30%, the remaining 70% of waste mud had to be dumped somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ turned out to be the forested Lakya valley, across which a tailings dam was constructed.


Print edition : September 01, 2001 T+ T-. Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited faces an uncertain future following a legal challenge to its mining operations and plans in a biodiversity-rich region...

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The Kudremukh mine, one of the largest iron ore mines in the world, was closed in 2006. The captive mining took place at Kudremukh on the Western Ghats range. The mined ore was transported 110 km through slurry pipelines running through the districts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada up to the pelletisation plant in Panambur , [3] adjacent to the premises of the New Mangalore Port .

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Oct 30, 2005 · A nearly two-year long court battle ensued, during which the defense produced evidence establishing lasting damage not only to environmental of the Kudremukha region, but to the Bhadra river and reservoirs, to agricultural land downstream, resulting from mining operations.


KIOCL Limited (Formerly known as Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited), a Flagship Company under the Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India was formed on 2 April 1976 for mining and beneficiation of low grade iron ore at Kudremukh, Karnataka, India.

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Sep 11, 2016 · It has been more than 10 years since mining completely came to a close in the Kudremukh range, but the ecological damage caused by 30 years of mining is still evident.

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The topographic and rainfall characteristics in combination with the open cast mining of low grade iron ore and other land-surface disturbances caused by the KIOCL operations resulted in very high sediment discharge, with over 60% of the total siltation in the Bhadra system being contributed by the mining area which forms less than six percent of the catchment.

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Oct 31, 2014 · Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited 1. Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited 2. 1969 -NMDC mining lease 1985- The government of Karnataka declared Kudremukh region as a National Park under the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972 July 25,1999 - KIOCL lease expires, temporary work permit granted 1995-2001- Showdown between NGO Wildlife First and KIOCL Oct 2002 -SC passes its judgment

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Nov 17, 2020 · The town of Kudremukh is primarily an iron ore mining town where the government run Public Sector Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd. (KIOCL) operated till the last decade. It is noted for its scenic beauty. Owing to the dense forests, sighting wildlife can be challenging, though the area is rich in wildlife.


Jun 16, 2015 · The problem with low-grade iron ore is that it generates a vast amount of waste, known as tailings. In the case of Kudremukh, with an iron ore content of just 30%, the remaining 70% of waste mud had to be dumped somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ turned out to be the forested Lakya valley, across which a tailings dam was constructed.

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Oct 24, 2001 · employees' township of the Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited (KIOCL). The iron-ore mining and associated township development inside the Park and the monoplanta-tions have turned the Park into a mosaic of natural and fragmented/altered habitats. I studied five distinct sites of disturbed and undisturbed nature within a 20-km radius of an ...

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The Kudremukh Iron-Ore Company Limited (KIOCL) swung into action, and, in the years to follow, its mining activities ripped apart a pristine shola-grassland ecosystem, causing irreversible and irreparable harm.

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Feb 23, 2016 · The ‘leasing’ of property by the Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited to Alva’s luxury resort amounts to blatant contempt of the Supreme Court’s orders and transgresses several conservation laws

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impact of iron ore mining in kudremukh on bhadra river ecosystem. Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, The Regional Officer and staff, ... the Environment (ATREE) jointly studied the impact of Iron-ore mining in .... Indian Institute of Science (IISC) did a rapid assessment of the impacts of mining on. Get price

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Dec 29, 2005 · The iron ore mining lease in Kudremukh was granted in 1969 for 30 years. In 1987 came the pelletisation plant in Mangalore, where beneficiated ore was sent as slurry via a pipeline. This ...

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Situated at 1,894.3 meters above sea level, Kudremukh is rich in iron ore deposits. The Kudremukh Iron Ore Company conducts mining operations, benefaction and transportation of the ore as slurry through pipelines to the port at Panambur near Mangalore. Mullayanagiri: Mullayanagiri is part of the Baba Budan Giri Hill Ranges here. It stands 1930 ...

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The IMPACT 2002+ method classifies the complex environmental impacts into four types of damage and applies the assessment results to the development and utilization of iron ore resources and ecological environment planning, which is conducive to the decision makers to make correct judgments.

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mountains.This iron ore mine, the largest in India, was designed toproduce22.6 million Mgofcrudeoreannually.Prospectingof additional deposits led to additional road construction and mining activity downstream of the original site. In 1987, the 600 km2 Kudremukh National Park (KNP) was established to preserve the rich biodiversity in the area ...

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Kudremukh: Fact Sheet . Mining Lease of KIOCL . Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd. (KIOCL), has been mining for iron ore in the Kudremukh region of Chickamagalur district of Karnataka on the basis of a 30 year mining lease No. 909 dated 25 July 1969, originally extended to National Minerals Development Corporation (NMDC) and which expired on 24 July 1999.

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