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Home » Magnetic Separators » Suspended Plate Magnets Suspended Plate Magnets Suspended plate magnets are those permanent magnets which are installed above the open conveyors to clear the ferrous objects and fines found in grains, feedstuffs, dry chemicals and other particulates.

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Plate Magnets For Angled Chute Applications Plate Style Magnetic Separators TG-01A IMI’s high intensity plate magnets feature durable welded stainless steel construction and heavy duty hinges for easy cleaning. Flush Face (FF) Plate Magnets are designed for above-the-flow applications.

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If your product cannot use a magnetic grate, then you can use a magnetic rod. Magnetic Plates remove large pieces of metal such as nuts, bolts, staples from dry products. There are 3 materials used for magnetic separators, including Alnico, Ceramic, and Rare Earth magnets. Alnico and Ceramic are the most economical materials for the food ...

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HSMAG’s magnetic separation products are designed for rugged use and easy installation in mechanical, gravity, or pneumatic conveying systems. Optimum performance is achieved when magnetic separators are placed at proper locations within the processing system.

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The key is to slide one magnet off the stack with a lateral motion, as shown in the video of D42 magnets below. The video for our B333 cubes is also instructive. If you are having trouble, consider using the edge of a desk to help remove the top magnet off a stack, as shown in the video below of our D63 disc magnets.

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Grinder plate magnets are used as separators for removing ferrous fines from free flowing materials on the conveyors. They protects the housing from tramp metal contamination. They are economical means for the eparation purposes and can be easily installed in the granulator's feed tray.

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Its unique magnetic-circuit design makes the separator much stronger than all other conventional permanent-magnetic separators, which use alnico or barium ferrite elements. Available in four sizes, the unit will handle up to 30 gallons per minute of water-soluble coolant per foot of drum width (4 lpm per cm of width).

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Plate Magnets. Plate Magnets are used in gravity-fed angled chutes. Single Step and Double Step Plate Magnets are designed to remove tramp metal from your product and eliminate the possibility of wash-off back into the product stream. Stainless steel pole areas maximize the holding power of the magnets. These Plate Magnets are easily installed and are supplied complete with sanitary hinges, latches, and mounting hardware.

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The Dings Company Magnetic Group manufactures a wide variety of magnetic separators: overhead electromagnets, overhead permanent magnets, eddy current separators, drum separators, and magnetic head pulleys. Their permanent magnetic removal systems feature patented flux control circuits, which provide a stronger and more uniform magnetic field.

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Magnetic Plate Magnet Separators magnetic plate, positioned above conveyors to prevent foreign bodies being introduced to grinders, screws and other valuable tools. Plate Magnets can be used in harsh environments, humidity and temperatures.

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ERIEZ Magnetic Separators. 43 products. Magnetic separators use high-strength magnets to capture and remove ferrous particles and parts (sometimes known as tramp metal) from gravel, sand, powders, pellets, wood chips, food products, and other solid materials in bulk conveying applications. This helps prevent the ferrous particles and parts from contaminating the product, getting into machinery …

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The plate magnets also goes very well with powdery, moist, lumpy, and abrasive products and large debris that might choke, bridge, or cause rapid wear in cartridge-based separators. Plate magnets are flexible enough to be deployed above conveyors or below conveyor drive pulleys to capture contaminants.

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High Quality Magnets. Magnetic separators can be installed on individual machine tools, coolant systems, parts washers & rinse tanks, hydraulic lines, and heat treat quench tanks. Magnetic separators are also a great retrofit to existing filtration systems.

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Along with our generator and scrap magnet options, we offer a wide variety of separator magnets ideals for mines, aggregates, sawmills, sorting centers, shredders, foundries, and organics and more. From head pulley magnets, self-cleaning separators (electro and permanent), manual cleaning separat...

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NEW GCS STAINLESS STEEL SEPARATORS. Stainless Steel separators are "HIM" (high intensity magnet) separators that will remove magnetic...

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Grinder plate magnets are an economical means for the separation . Chat Online; Overhead Magnetic Separators Conveyor Magnets. Shields magnetic separators and belt magnets serve as an insurance policy in industrial applications ranging from food and aggregate processing to coal mining and plastics production and recycling.

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Ramped Pole Plate Magnet. The most common application of the plate magnet is the ramped pole plate design. This magnetic separator is installed on the underside of chutes, typically with an incline of 30 to 60 degree. As burden flows over the separator, it is briefly suspended in free fall by the ramp.

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A hinged cleaning plate covers the face of the magnet. The face emits a powerful magnetic field that attracts ferrous contaminants. All contact parts are stainless steel 316 with the exception of the plastic handles. For more information please see data sheet 508 Underflow magnet ‘Primary’ magnet which is positioned at the angle of chutes.

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Customized Permanent Magnetic Plates, Customer Standard Plate Magnet, Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet Separator Suspended Plate Magnetic Plate / Block Underflow Magnet, Magnetic Plate Separators, Conveyor Magnet Plate, Chute Magnet These units are designed to be positioned on the underside of angled chutes, product drop off points or opposite each other to form a housed chute magnet.

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