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photographs of various reef samples reveal gold grains that closely follow all sedimentological features of a placer (Hall and Barton 1987). There are also clear indications that, at least locally, gold has undergone some hydrothermal mobilization (Ramdohr 1958, Frimmel and Minter 2002). Thus, ore genesis cannot be construed as the result

Pyrite Zoning as a Record of Mineralization in the Ventersdorp Contact

Gold mineralization is mostly concentrated in conglomerate horizons, or "reefs," and is tightly Gold is also present as secondary inclusions of electrum associated with the last pyrite generation ... In spite of the successful application of pyrite geochemistry in interpreting ore genetic processes in diverse...

Cyanidation of reef and surface gold ores: by L. Rademan* and

Gold ores can be classified according to the gold recovery achievable by direct cyanidation as free-milling, complex, or refractory as shown in Figure Plant personnel were of the opinion that mixing the reef and surface ore material led to poor gold recoveries. This is possibly a result of slower leaching...

Wits Basin’s shallow gold reefs to be mined as economic

The success story being emulated by Shallow Reefs Gold is that of Modder East gold mine, a 1.2-million-ounce, 3.9 g/t in situ Black Reef deposit 350 m below surface, which was turned to profitable ...

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Witwatersrand Gold Deposits

Here is some history of the Witwatersrand Gold Style Ore Deposits as they related to South Africa since the arrival of the Dutch and the southernmost tip of the continent in 1652. The Dutch set up a small fort where Cape Town stands today and started Market Gardens as a place that the Dutch East India Company ships to shelter and to restock with freshwater and provisions on the long journey ...

Months of struggles (high res pictures, sorry long

I have a mixed reef with mostly SPS and a few LPS. I've only ever lost SPS (after having them for more than 2 weeks) from too low level of nutrients. I've never lost SPS by feeding/dosing too much (high nutrients).


Over the last 8 years some gold mines have shown renewed interest in this beneficiation technology in particular to recover misplaced reef from surface waste rock dumps. This research comprises two case studies to prove the effectiveness and viability of optical sorting of Witwatersrand type conglomerate ores.

PDF) Gold-bearing reefs of the Witwatersrand Basin: A

(b) monazite with fine disseminations of ore minerals; quartz is dark gray (V aal Reef). GEOLOGY OF ORE DEPOSITS V ol. 48 No. 6 2006 GOLD-BEARING REEFS OF THE WITW ATERSRAND …

The origin of the gold and uranium ores of the Black Reef

1/1/2016 · The Black Reef Formation is a laterally extensive sedimentary succession at the base of the Transvaal Supergroup. The quartz-pebble conglomerates host erratic concentrations of gold and uranium; however, in areas that are located spatially above the gold and uranium-bearing reefs of the Witwatersrand Supergroup, the concentrations can reach ore-grade.

Witwatersrand Basin Project – WEST WITS MINING

The Central Rand Goldfields contain some of the world’s largest gold deposits and has produced over 247 Moz Au – over 35% of global production. West Wits’ aims to becoming a junior gold producer targeting >60,000oz Au per annum over a 15-year plus mine life, supported by WBP’s JORC Compliant 4.37Moz Au Mineral.

The Witwatersrand Basin and Its Gold Deposits | SpringerLink

Frimmel HE, Le Roex AP, Knight J, Minter WEL (1993) A case study of the postdepositional alteration of the Witwatersrand Basal reef gold placer. Econ Geol 88:249–265 CrossRef Google Scholar Frimmel HE, Hall DK, Gartz VH (1999) Gold mobilizing fluids in the Witwatersrand Basin: composition and possible sources.

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Toiuiage of ore Gold production Gold value Gold content (used in. exploration). Gold-bearing conglomerates occur in the Dominion Reef Group and the Witwatersrand and Ventersdorp have also been penetrated by several thousand boreholes. While a very clear picture of the succession has...

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