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Filter 67 gold mines by commodity, disposition, development status, ... The Diggings™ is a resource for locating where mining claims are and have been. Discover mining activity in your area and find new regions of opportunity. Read More. About. Getting Started. Frequently Asked Questions.

Idaho Mining Claims Map | Claims, Active & GPAA Areas

Active Claim Areas: Stands for areas that are on existing gold claims that are actively mined. The rest of the gold claims listed in Idaho are listed by county and they are all the same color. Whether you need the map legend or not we thought it prudent to give you a little explanation of the map Legend on our Idaho mining claims map.

AGE, Placer Mining Claims For Sale, California

Placer Mining Claims For Sale. Filing Services. Maintenance Services. ... Roll in the Hay - 40 Acres - Fantastic Gold!! $10,000: Blackbeard - 40 Acres New Drone Photos!

Gold Mining Claims For Sale or Lease in Alaska - Gold

Jun 07, 2020 · Valdez Mining District - Updated 7/24/20. Gold and Platinum Claims. 2000 acres in the upper Valdez Creek Mining District. Claims currently being worked. Yield has been 1 to 7 grams of gold per yard of material, and 10 grams per yard of platinum sitting on bedrock. Claims have been tested to bedrock.

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Yukon Gold! - Iron Creek. Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Y1A 2B5 Canada. $24,000. Historic Iron Creek Placer Claims – Whitehorse Mining District – Yukon Territory, Canada Montana Gold And Mineral Mines is proud to present the Historic Iron Creek P510655, P510208 Mining Claims for sale.

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Quick Facts. 2,650 active mining claims.; 55,133 closed mining claims.; Other and Gold mines located in Washington. Listing claims originally filed between the 2020's and the 1870's.

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About Idaho Gold Mining We aim to be your number one source for mining claims in Idaho. Please check back regularly for updated pages and listings of claims for sale. We put our customers first and work hard to build client relationships.

80 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim - Land And Farm

This is a 80 acre unpatented, gold mining claim, the Big Horn Gold #1 placer claim. The claim is legally registered with the Bureau of Land Management out of Phoenix. You own the mineral rights, not sharing with others, on the 80 acres, and use your 80 acres, recreationally for camping: tent, camper, or …

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The above image is a map of active gold mining claims (yellow clusters) rarely seen by anyone outside of a large gold mining company. This map can be viewed as a near real-time look at America's active gold deposits. It's near real-time because gold mining claim holders are required to pay annual fees to maintain ownership.

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I was able to reclaim the claims, but what a pain and waste of time and money. I know when I purchase a claim from Gold Rush Expeditions the claim is solid and your support team is there if assistance is needed. I would especially recommend purchasing claims from Gold Rush Expeditions to someone who is new to prospecting.

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298,924 records of mining claims on public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. 14,305 active mining claims; 284,619 closed mining claims; 11,555 USGS records of mines in Colorado. Gold , Silver , Lead , Uranium , and Zinc mines located in Colorado. See All

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The Gold Basin, or Hassayampa Gold Basin claims are a group of high-value placer workings. There is a long history of gold recovery. A single man, made the original find, using a hand rocker, and extracted 1750 ounces in a single year. This from a region stated as the head of the Hassayampa River. | Gold Mining Claims For Sale

We are your source for mining claims on Rich Hill, Stanton, Congress, and the Wickenburg area, home to the famous Vulture Mine. Rich Hill is the historic site of the 1863 gold rush where prospectors found potato size nuggets and could pick up off the ground as much as 25 pounds of gold a week (300/oz)!

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Placer vs Lode Claims. Before you go filing for a gold mining claim, you'll need to decide on a placer or lode claim. If you plan on panning and prospecting for gold or other valuable on the surface, then a placer claim is the type you need. These are generally cheaper and easier to obtain because they don't allow you to dig into the earth.

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