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Face conveyors are the backbone of any longwall. They act as the guide for the plow or shearer and as an anchor for the advancing roof supports. High-performance Cat ® face conveyors are the most powerful transport systems in underground mining.

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How does a longwall face support a coal mine?

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Essentially an AFC is a one-sided trough scraper conveyor, the second side of the trough being formed by the coal face. Cut coal falls into this trough which has an endless chain with scraper flights attached running along the base plate and returning below the base plate in an enclosed lower section or "race".

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The Cat PF HD line pan for armored face conveyors is especially designed for heavy-duty longwall applications with demanding conditions. Designed on basis of actual customer requirements it represents the most robust and reliable Cat line pan which provides an increased wear backup.

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Cat® Armored Face Conveyors (AFCs) are synonymous with maximum capacity, high drive power, high availability and reliability.

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By 1940, some referred to longwall mining as "the conveyor method" of mining, after the most prominent piece of machinery involved. Unlike earlier longwall mining, the use of a conveyor belt parallel to the coal face forced the face to be developed along a straight line.

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In any longwall conveying system, the chain’s critical features are overall height, strength, and wear life. Joy has a patented and proven long-life chain that optimizes these three features. Small envelope size facilitates low-height linepans for valuable height savings in low seam applications, improves shearer tunnel clearances and ...

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Our team at NEPEAN Longwall Rutherford is in the middle of the refurbishment of a complete armoured face conveyor. The team is doing what we do best – working through pan by pan identifying wear or damage and repairing it ready for another longwall panel.

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A total of 178 Gullick shields make up the longwall face roof support system. Coal is mined using a Joy 4LS-6 double drum shearer. The stageloader and face chain conveyors are manufactured by American Longwall. The face conveyor moves at a rate of 311 feet per minute empty.

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most powerful conveyor installation with 3 x 1 000 kW (3 x 1,341 hp) on a single longwall face conveyor. The latest development is the Cat PowerChain. It is available in sizes 34, 42 and 52. Size 52 is designed to be used with up to 1 200 kW (3 x 1,608 hp), with a chain suitable for up to 1 800 kW (3 x 2,412 hp) under development.

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Since the face conveyor is such a critical link within a longwall mining system, operators can use the information to improve the efficiency of their longwall operation. A conveyor chain is of very high tensile strength (resulting in high breaking load) and its actual working load is often a substantial portion of its breaking load.

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Feb 12, 2016 · Longwall machinery 1. Longwall machinery The equipment used in longwall mining includes Cutting Machines Armoured Face conveyors(AFC) Powered Face Supports Stage loaders CUTTING MACHINES: • Longwall shearers • Coal plough 2. Longwall shearers The coal is cut from the coal face by a machine called the shearer (power loader).

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Systems and methods are provided for detecting face creep of a longwall mining system. The system includes a detection device mounted in a maingate roadway and coupled to the detection device.

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Longwall Associates Incorporated, a Virginia based company, was established in 1996, merging exceptionally talented engineers with world-class craftsmen to design and build Longwall Conveyors Systems for the underground extraction of minerals and rocks, particularly coal, utilizing the longwall method.

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Maingate Conveyor & Boot End. Because the face moves continuously along the maingate, at a steady rate if operating correctly, the required maingate belt length is continuously changing. To allow for this and to avoid too frequent stoppages to shorten the belt, it is normal for special arrangements to be made at both ends of the belt.

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Armoured Face Conveyors We are able to supply armoured face conveyors in operating lengths of up to 400m with up to 3000kW installed power. NEPEAN Longwall designs, manufactures and supports a complete range of Inbye™ chain conveyor system solutions.

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Armoured Face Conveyor (AFC) We develop and produce state-of-the-art Armoured Face Conveyors (AFC) for longwall installations of all sizes. Tensionable drive frames allow for the chain tension to be adapted to the prevailing conditions. Chain tension may be monitored and recorded via load sensors within the AFC.

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This system is only used for short longwall or miniwalls and also for longwalls where the face has to be turned. From the 1998-1999 Joint Coal Board Survey of Australian Longwall Mines, the following information about AFC’s has been calculated.

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