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The premium face conveyor is composed of Cat PF6 line pans. The modular design separates wear-resistant hardened steel parts and the substructure made of high-strength steel. The design enables easy replacement of wear parts without damaging the substructure. The front AFC has transport capacity of 2,500t/h, and the rear AFC has capacity of 3,000t.

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The Cat PF HD line pan for armored face conveyors is especially designed for heavy-duty longwall applications with demanding conditions. Designed on basis of actual customer requirements it represents the most robust and reliable Cat line pan which provides an increased wear backup.

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most powerful conveyor installation with 3 x 1 000 kW (3 x 1,341 hp) on a single longwall face conveyor. The latest development is the Cat PowerChain. It is available in sizes 34, 42 and 52. Size 52 is designed to be used with up to 1 200 kW (3 x 1,608 hp), with a chain suitable for up to 1 800 kW (3 x 2,412 hp) under development.

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Longwall Associates is a company with good service and they are trustworthy.” – Peabody Energy "Longwall Associates, Inc. has aligned themselves with the most experienced personnel in the industry and they have the highest level of integrity."

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To maintain a safe working environment powered supports have to be advanced sequentially. This is achieved by utilising an articulating Armoured Face Conveyor (AFC) which runs along the face with the shearer mounted on it.

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power with safe startup of the face conveyor, full utilization of installed power, long service life and compact dimensions. Cat CST drives offer: • Intelligent compact drive for longwall conveyors with up to 1 200 kW (1,930 hp) drive power • Maximum short-duration output torque (3 sec) of 650 000 Nm

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In April, SUEK commissioned the first 400 m longwall face in Russia in the same mine, but in Seam #50, formerly called Kotinskaya. Previously, the widest longwall face in Russia was 300 m. The equipment for the face extension and the upgrade of the armored face conveyor (AFC) system was manufactured by Caterpillar and assembled and commissioned ...

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Caterpillar to Supply Face Conveyor for 400-Meter Longwall Face in Russia Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 The largest Russian coal producer, Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), recently placed an order with the regional Cat ® dealer, Vostochnaya Technica LLC (VT), for a complete armored face conveyor system to equip the company’s second 400-meter longwall face.


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A longwall operation was nearing the end of the panel and was preparing for the bolt up cycle. The preparation required the placement of roof support materials in designated storage positions along the face. One pod of roof bolts had been unloaded onto the armoured face conveyor and transported to a point ready for a crew to unload the bolts ...

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Jun 10, 2015 · In longwall coal mining, the coal cut down by the shearer is transported by the armoured face chain conveyor (AFC), which is laid across the full face width , to the head entry T-junction, where it is transferred to the entry belt conveyor through the mobile stage loader. The armoured face chain conveyor has large carrying capacity.

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2020/12/31 · Prediction of power requirements for a longwall armored face conveyor Journal Article Broadfoot, A R ; Betz, R E - IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications Longwall armored face conveyors (AFC`s) have traditionally been designed using a combination of heuristics and simple models.

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longwall face equipment is shown in Fig. 1.3. The shearer cuts a slice of coal from the coalface on each pass and a face conveyor, running along the full length of the coalface, carries this away to discharge onto a belt conveyor, which carries the coal out of the mine. KEY 1. Drift for men and materials access 2. Shaft winder house 3.

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Jul 21, 2019 · The armoured face conveyor (AFC) is a very large and robust piece of coal mining equipment that was installed along the full length of an underground longwall face. The coal cutting machine or shearer rode on top of the AFC where it deposited cut coal.

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Sep 14, 2012 · Many of our longwall moves are simple walk-across moves. Sometimes, we have to set 100 to 150 shields. If a face has 240 shields, only setting 100 or 150 shields makes the move easier.” They move the longwall with diesel-powered equipment. “It eliminates trolley wires and the risk of batteries grounding out,” Brock said.


The stage loaders and conveyors are used to transport the coal from face to the surface. Keywords- Longwall Mining, Underground Mining, Suport System Of Longwall, Longwall Equipment, Adriyala Longwall 1. INTRODUCTION Longwall Mining method is one of the latest mechanized method and classified into two types 1. Longwall advancing. 2.

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Maingate Conveyor & Boot End. Because the face moves continuously along the maingate, at a steady rate if operating correctly, the required maingate belt length is continuously changing. To allow for this and to avoid too frequent stoppages to shorten the belt, it is normal for special arrangements to be made at both ends of the belt.

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V for the face-conveyor motors and 995 V for all other equipment) to ease into the use of high voltage. But when 4160-V shearers became available a few years ago, the use of 4160 V for the entire longwall face became attractive. The 1993

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Our team at NEPEAN Longwall Rutherford is in the middle of the refurbishment of a complete armoured face conveyor. The team is doing what we do best – working through pan by pan identifying wear or damage and repairing it ready for another longwall panel.

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