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A Site Investigation is an intrusive investigation to assess ground conditions and general pattern of the strata beneath a site for Geotechnical and Environmental purposes. All Site Investigations should be carried out accordance with the UK Specification for Ground Investigation (Second Edition), British Standard Code of Practice BS5930 and British and European Standard BS EN 1997-2 (EC7).

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Ground Investigation. A Ground Investigation is an intrusive investigation to establish the soil and rock profile and parameters for Geotechnical and Environmental purposes. Sub Surface can design a site specific Ground Investigation to satisfy the Client’s project requirements and any regulatory authorities. Our network of local offices across the UK allows us to provide a cost effective service nationwide.

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What is ground investigation?

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The level of detail and quality of information available about ground conditions will influence the project team’s ability to develop an appropriate, efficient and easy to implement design and to deal with issues that may arise during construction work, such as the presence of faults, underground obstructions, groundwater, and so on, without incurring unnecessary costs or delays. Ground investigations are a means of determining the condition of the ground, ideally before beginning construction w

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Soil, groundwater and gas sampling is undertaken in accordance with the applicable standards and monitoring installations for a variety of purposes. Health and safety remains at the forefront of our approach, with fully trained supervisors and operatives, detailed site specific risk assessment and method statements, and specialist partners providing buried utility and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) mitigation.

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The number one objective of a site investigation is to determine as accurately as may required. The nature and sequence of strata; The ground water conditions at the site; The physical properties of soil and rock underlying the site; The mechanical properties such as strength of different soil or rock strata; Site investigations have to be structured to acquire all possible information toward a thorough understanding of the subsurface condition and probable foundation behaviour.

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Ground Investigation is essentially site investigation but more focused on the geotechnical information required to facilitate geotechnical design. GeoCon provide geotechnical consultancy services advising on the geotechnical and engineering parameters of the soils and rock beneath a site to facilitate foundation and substructure design.

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The site investigation involves development of a conceptual site model (CSM). Soil, groundwater, and vapor intrusion assessment data, in conjunction with receptor survey results, are critical for developing the CSM. The following discussion provides the context for planning, completing, and evaluating results from a risk evaluation.

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The first phase of any ground investigation is a desk study, which enables development of an initial ground model known as a conceptual site model. A desk study considers the risks posed to a development by current or previous potentially contaminative uses and the geotechnical or environmental hazards of the site and its surrounding area. The information sources we typically review during this process are 1. Historic map review 2. Previous land use 3. Historical archive search 4. Geological and

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In accordance with Contract NumberDACA21-96-D-0018, Task Order CK08, IT Corporation (IT) completed a site investigation (SI) at the Ground Scar at South End of Confidence Course, Parcel 158(7), at...

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A geotechnical site investigation is the process of collecting information and evaluating the conditions of the site for the purpose of designing and constructing the foundation for a structure, such as a building, plant or bridge, In addition to that this report contains the site investigation procedure and how the mistakes in site ...

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Our team of engineers, geologists and environmental scientists can undertake all aspects of ground investigation. Risks are assessed by comparing the findings of the Phase 1 and 2 investigations either with established benchmarks or site-specific values derived by quantitative risk assessment.

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All ground and site investigation services are carried out by skilled waste management professionals and where required hold valid CSCS (construction skills certification scheme) and PTS (personal track safety) cards, so you can be certain of their expertise.


investigations; or (3) It is done in connection with geotechnical investigations. c. The following factors shall be observed and reported from the ground surface to a limiting condition, up to a minimum of three to five feet below the bottom of the proposed dispersal system. Note that these observations must be

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Eurocode 7 part 2: Ground investigation and testing 1.1.2 Scope of Eurocode 7-2 (1) EN 1997-2 is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 1997-1 and provides rules supplementary to EN 1997-1 related to: • planning and reporting of ground investigations; • general requirements for a number of commonly used laboratory and field tests;

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Site investigation - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Approved document C, Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture, suggests that the extent and level of site investigations needs to be tailored to the type of development and the previous use of land.

BS 5930:2015+A1:2020 Code of practice for ground investigations

BS 5930:2015+A1:2020 Code of practice for ground investigations helps to assess the suitability of sites for construction operations and civil engineering works. The standard also gives best practice recommendations to gather the right information on features of a site that might affect the design and construction of these works, as well as the ...

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All site investigations are undertaken in accordance with current guidance such as the recommended approach set out in the Environment Agency’s Model Procedures for the Management of Land Contamination (CLR11) and the British Standard Code of Practice Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Sites (BS 10175: 2011).

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and a ground water investigation may be warranted based on the above considerations or other site specific data, the technical justification for not performing a ground water site investigation should be provided in the applicable remedial phase report. 2.4 Cross Contamination of Ground Water

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Any site investigation must be undertaken in such a way that protects human health and the environment and should be carried out in accordance with: BS5930 - Code of practice for site investigation BS10175 - Code of practice for investigation of potential contaminated land sites.

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