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The spindle is supported by oil membrane, as almost without metal contact between bearing and spindle, the spindle is less wearing and has a long and lasting life. The oil membrane between bearing and spindle increases contact area, and therefore, workpieces can reach the highest precision and roundness. Oil menbrane absorbs vibration during grinding process,the workpieces will be kept the best surface roughness.

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Hydrodynamic Bearing Series . Hydrodynamic Bearing Series (Economical high precision Series): Fine hand scraped hydrodynamic bearings made of steel and phosphor bronze alloy with oil lubrication, firmly maintains grinding spindle high precision rotation and rigidity to stand heavy duty grinding in minimum gap.

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Nov 02, 2015 · GMN's spindle technology uses "hydroviscous" damping to reduce natural vibrations on machine tools and grinding machines. “Hydroviscous” spindle damping technology is said to reduce natural vibrations as much as 65 percent compared to conventional spindle designs, improving a spindle’s dynamic stiffness to boost cutting and grinding ...

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Hydrostatic spindles or hydrodynamic spindles as tool machine spindles or main spindles have a very good radial accuracy. However, they have disadvantages in terms of rigidity and purchasing costs compared to spindles with roller bearings.With hydrostatic spindles, the shaft is guided by the externally generated static oil pressure in the glide elements provided with oil pockets.

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Precision Engineered Precise CNC Vertical Grinding Machine Adapts C-type Structure, Create Precisely Z-Axis Straightness. Using HSK 100A spindle taper, to increase axial rigidity and improve grinding efficiency.Adopts hydrostatic rotary table to increase cylindricity accuracy and surface roughness.

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Surface and Profile Grinding Applications Advanced manufacturing means grinding complex shapes in some of the world’s most diverse and challenging materials – and to keep up with the competition, you need agile surface and profile grinding machines capable of exceptional flexibility, power and efficiency.

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(2) Hydrostatic. Hydraulic pump for grinding wheel head and spindle motor driver with sensing function.When press wheel start button, before oil reach alloy bearing will through pressure detect switch, if pressure is not enough, it cannot push the switch, the spindle will not start.

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winterthur grinding selection - Air'n'Bi. Precision Grinding Wheels 2011 alogue -, This course is, grinding wheel characteristics and selection,, chat online >>, Winterthur to many of the world's best grinding machines, Winterthur enjoy a . diamant grinding wheels - greencast-projecteu

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Hydrostatic Spindles are only one type of spindles that effectively combine ultra-high rotational accuracy with ultra-high vibration resistance, high static stiffness and virtually infinite life. This unique combination provides a number of very essential advantages in precision grinding applications.

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CNC Internal grinding machine with High frequency spindle & High oscillation arrangement. ID, OD & Face CNC grinding machine for customized application. Customized automation on any machine tools right from conceptualization to design to manufacturing leading up to assembly and trials to the customer satisfaction for specific applications.

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Hydrostatic Grinding Spindles with Integral Motors - Very low friction will heat the spindle only slightly. Nearly all motor power gets to the workpiece. - Heat that is generated is moved immediately out of the spindle area with the oil and cooled in the chiller. - No vibration from roller bearings for extremely smooth operation.


The machine on which it was decided to fit a hydrostatic air-bearing grinding spindle was the Wickman-Scrivener Model 824 Surface Grinder. This is of the type commonly in use for both production and toolroom machine shop precision work.


Do you need hydrostatic spindles for internal grinding?

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The JUCENTER CBN high-speed grinding machine combines mutually complementary grinding possibilities under one hood. Instead of lining up individual grinding machines for different grind-ing tasks, both grinding processes take place in two separate clamping set-ups on one machine. The result: highly efficient grinding – all with top precision.


These machines are best suited for OD grinding of small bearing rings, bushings, cam followers, rod-ends and other work piece types. Machines are provided with a hydrostatic wheel head, double arm loader, collets or 2 shoe-magnetic chuck. Two types of selectable wheel dressing are available-Formed Rotary and NC Contouring.

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