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How can a mining company improve its production?

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Sep 22, 2020 · Optimization helps mining companies manage, track, and plan for their material movement with much more granularity and accuracy than simple production tracking systems can, ensuring their ability to deliver precise quantities and qualities.

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Mining engineering and consulting services help identify opportunities, recommend and prioritize the solutions to improve configuration, equipment performance, production processes, regulatory compliance, cyber security and business case development. Planning and engineering mine projects with integrated solutions from mine to port and from plant to enterprise bring substantial capital savings through early involvement.

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Optimizing Overburden Placement in Surface Mining of Coal Examples are presented and diagnosed for each of the major coal surface-mining geometries. Part 7 - Conclusions reviews the major parts of the course and suggests that individual designs, responsive to the goals of the course, may need to be tested on sophisticated mine-design software to optimize production before buying capital goods.

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Mining operations are often distributed over a large geographical area. For example, an iron ore supply chain may consist of several mines, multiple plants, a rail network and one or more ports that are all spread over several hundred kilometers. In turn, the chain of professionals responsible for running different aspects of the operations, such as geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists, supply chain planners and the sales team, are also geographically dispersed. This makes the daily, info

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The surge in demand for metals and minerals in the early 2000s quickly translated into much higher prices and, with it, much increased miners’ profitability. Boosting production volumes became the industry’s top priority. Mining companies worldwide largely lost sight of productivity goals that had underpinned operating discipline in the lean years of the 1980s and 1990s, when parts of the industry had set a healthy record in productivity improvement (Exhibit 1). As the demand boom gathered pa...

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The efficiency of a gas boiler can be optimized by sensing the level of oxygen in the combustion chamber and adjusting it according to the required output. A fixed speed pump will consume excess energy any time its full output is not required; the addition of a variable speed drive on the pump’s motor can reduce those losses by allowing it to match its output, and energy consumption, precisely to changing demand.

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Optimization of Ore Production in Copper Mine. January 2020; American Journal of Industrial and Business Management 10(01):61-74; DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2020.101005. Project: optimization of ore ...

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Minimizing dilution at the mill, according to Ebrahimi, involves optimizing mining factors such as method, mine geometry, mining direction and equipment size to match the features of the resource...


Production scheduling can be defined as the allocation of resources/reserves over a time period with particular sets of constraints (Martinez et al., 2011). Mine production scheduling is an optimization process which assigns the extraction sequence of mining blocks based on


Another example of Mine-to-Mill optimization is the increase of the SAG mill throughput in Porgera mine, Papua New Guinea, where by using this concept studies showed that was possible, by optimizing the blasting design, reaches up to 25% of increase in processing capacity (Grundstrom, Kanchibotla, Jankovich, & Thornton, 2001).

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Our approach uses the Whittle Consulting 10 distinct modelling mechanisms, run simultaneously to produce a life-of-mine business plan that offers increases in net present value (NPV) of up to 35%. This is an integrated solution to mine design, development and implementation.

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require optimization techniques, a mine-wide A review of real-time optimization in underground mining production by Z. Song*, M. Rinne*, and A. van Wageningen† Synopsis Real-time monitoring makes it possible to detect any disturbance occurring in production, while decision instruments can efficiently assist decision-makers to optimize ...

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In this feasibility study on optimizing copper ore production, first, we will analyze the copper ore production capacity of the Mujicun copper mine (Hebei province, China) base on the production plans of 3.5 million t/a, 4.5 million t/a, 5.5 million t/a.

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The goal of this research was to apply simulation and optimization techniques in solving mine design and production sequencing problems in room and pillar mines (R&P). The specific objectives were to: (1) apply Discrete Event Simulation (DES) to determine the optimal width of coal R&P panels under specific mining conditions; (2)

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In 2012, we began working on a joint engineering and environmental project to increase production by debottlenecking processes throughout the plant. Our client had identified 16 processes for optimization, ranging from underground mining and hoisting to crushing, grinding, calcining, shipping, and disposing of tailings.

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Mine-to-Mill Optimization of Aggregate Production Mine-to-Mill optimization is a total systems approach to the reduction of energy and cost in mining and processing. Developed at the Julius Krutschnitt Mineral Research Centre in Queensland, Australia, the Mine-to-Mill approach attempts to minimize energy consumption through optimization of all ...

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Mine production scheduling is an optimization process which assigns the extraction sequence of mining blocks based on constraints which incorporate, among other things, a method of mining, slope size in other to maximize the Net Present

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Apr 16, 2017 · Safety is paramount to mining operations, and good safety methods can lead to improved production. By digitizing your underground mining operations, you are not only improving safety, but also enabling your staff to achieve breakthrough performance in all areas of the mining life-cycle.

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DOI: 10.3329/BJSIR.V53I2.36670 Corpus ID: 103526077. Optimizing mine production scheduling for multiple destinations of ore blocks @article{Jamshidi2018OptimizingMP, title={Optimizing mine production scheduling for multiple destinations of ore blocks}, author={M. Jamshidi and M. Osanloo}, journal={Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research}, year={2018}, volume={53}, pages={99-110} }

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