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A review of real-time optimization in underground mining

require optimization techniques, a mine-wide A review of real-time optimization in underground mining production by Z. Song*, M. Rinne*, and A. van Wageningen† Synopsis Real-time monitoring makes it possible to detect any disturbance occurring in production, while decision instruments can efficiently assist decision-makers to optimize ...

Optimizing short-term production plan using a portfolio

Short-term production plans are the basis for operational mine production schedules. They concentrate on making long-term mine plans operationally feasible. It ensures a steady flow of product for meeting blending targets. Due to the quality variation of material, blend optimization is an uncertainty based optimization problem.

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Metals & Mining Production Optimization The metals and mining industry faces continuous pressure to improve production efficiency and optimize throughput to maximize operations. They must also keep operations up and running, maintain regulatory compliance, manage safety risk and reduce costs.

Mine optimization and its application using the Anglo

Mine optimization is an inherently iterative process since ... † Optimize the production schedule iteratively. † Export to the labour and cost module to derive costs, capital and NPV. The application allows the users to input all mine design, geological, mining method, activity dimensions and lengths, ...

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Oct 09, 2020 · Industrial diamond mine production by major countries 2014-2019. Show all statistics (8) Financials Total assets of the top mining companies 2002-2019. Operating expenses of the top mining ...

Increased production and energy efficiency for optimized

Increased production and energy efficiency for optimized Antamina mine has assisted Compañía Minera Antamina to increase its mill throughput by integrating and optimizing blast fragmentation, crushing and grinding operations.

Study on Optimization of Coal Truck Flow in Open-Pit Mine

A semicontinuous process system consisting of a single-bucket excavator, truck, crushing station, and belt conveyor is the main coal mining process system of a large-scale hard coal open-pit mine. Through analyzing the coal mining production process, the key issues of coal mining truck flow optimization are obtained. Statistical method of using triangular fuzzy numbers analyzes the key time ...


entire mine and production, resulting in significant process cost savings. This paper outlines open pit optimization techniques that were utilized in mine planning of Okobo Coal Reserve, Located in Enjema District of Ankpa Local Government Area, Kogi State, Nigeria, as a strategy to improve the economics of the open pit mining projects.

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LANA Process Mining enables you to sustainably advance digital business development and successfully master the challenges of digital transformation. For each license, Lana Labs adopts one of the endangered Magellanic penguins in Southern Chile. With LANA, you not only optimize your processes but also improve the world, bit by bit.

Using Big Data Analytics To Improve Production

By deploying these tools, manufacturers can maximize machine performance, optimize production, streamline supply chains and generate productivity and efficiency gains. The Bottom Line on Big Data As the most successful manufacturing leaders already know, Big Data analytics are no longer a “nice to have” option for manufacturing enterprises.

A heuristic approach for the stochastic optimization of mine

mine) mining plans; the local optimization is an evaluation routine that determines the optimal cut-off grade, stockpiling, processing selection, blending and production plan and determines the NPV (net present value).

PDF 308 Underground Mining Stope Layout Optimization and

Mine production scheduling is an optimization process which assigns the extraction sequence of mining blocks based on constraints which incorporate, among other things, a method of mining, slope size in other to maximize the Net Present Value (NPV) of a mine (Martinez and Newman, 2011; Gangawat, 2014). Pourrahimian (2013)

PDF Optimization of Truck-Loader haulage system in an

a Master's degreein Mining Engineering from Paris School of M ines in France. is H mining experience is in Sub level stope mining operations. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Mine Production at Luleå University of Technology. His research interest is production simulation and optimization with respect to mining at great depth . Greberg J.

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Mine Planning & Operational Excellence. RESPEC’s commitment to our clients is to provide high-quality mine plans that meet their financial and production requirements and exceed their expectations by optimizing resource recovery while maximizing economic returns for clients.

Optimization of coal recovery and production rate as a

Jan 01, 2019 · Having used those production rates to determine production indexes, an instance of the optimization problem involving 10 mining strips is solved as a case study. Optimal panel widths used in such strips are examined when considering all six panel widths from the same room-and-pillar coal mine modeled in the DES case study.

Optimizing PHBV Production on Fermented Dairy Manure

Project Methods Objective 1 - Establish operating parameters to synthesize random and co-block PHBV polymers using blends of fermented organic-rich feedstocks. A 20-L PHBV enrichment reactor will be operated (consistent with prior investigations [23, 41, 43]) to provide catalyst. The enrichment reactor will be sustained on fermented dairy manure, produced consistent with previous ...

Global optimization of open pit mining complexes with

Productivity in mining operations: Reversing the downward

The surge in demand for metals and minerals in the early 2000s quickly translated into much higher prices and, with it, much increased miners’ profitability. Boosting production volumes became the industry’s top priority. Mining companies worldwide largely lost sight of productivity goals that had underpinned operating discipline in the lean years of the 1980s and 1990s, when parts of the industry had set a healthy record in productivity improvement (Exhibit 1). As the demand boom gathered pa...

Production scheduling with uncertain supply: a new

The annual production scheduling of open pit mines determines an optimal sequence for annually extracting the mineralized material from the ground. The objective of the optimization process is usually to maximize the total Net Present Value (NPV) of the operation.

Production Scheduling of Open Pit Mines Using Particle

Determining an optimum long term production schedule is an important part of the planning process of any open pit mine; however, the associated optimization problem is demanding and hard to deal with, as it involves large datasets and multiple hard and soft constraints which makes it a large combinatorial optimization problem. In this paper a procedure has been proposed to apply a relatively ...

Optimization of Ore Production in Copper Mine

In this feasibility study on optimizing copper ore production, first, we will analyze the copper ore production capacity of the Mujicun copper mine (Hebei province, China) base on the production plans of 3.5 million t/a, 4.5 million t/a, 5.5 million t/a.

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May 02, 2018 · Our support team receives many questions about mining on a daily basis. Majority of them is about setting up your equipment. We are constantly learning how to improve overall stability and optimize…

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Oct 03, 2018 · • Learn how to maximize mine production at your quarry, whether the product is cement, aggregates, clays, diatomaceous earth, or other industrial minerals. ... Webinar: Optimizing a Tactical ...

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Many mine sites these days use complex FMS that provide a dispatch and control process for mining equipment and capture production and equipment performance data. The data collected is used in algorithms within the FMS to determine the most productive routes for haul trucks.

Dynamically optimizing the strategic plan of mining

The mine planning schedule is optimized given a set of simulated realizations of pertinent orebody attributes and a unique schedule is produced for years 1 and 2. However, Fig. 1 shows that in period 3 a substantial proportion of the simulated deposit scenarios decide to invest on a given CAPEX option.

PDF] Optimizing mine production scheduling for multiple

DOI: 10.3329/BJSIR.V53I2.36670 Corpus ID: 103526077. Optimizing mine production scheduling for multiple destinations of ore blocks @article{Jamshidi2018OptimizingMP, title={Optimizing mine production scheduling for multiple destinations of ore blocks}, author={M. Jamshidi and M. Osanloo}, journal={Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research}, year={2018}, volume={53}, pages={99-110} }

Mine planning and optimization techniques used in surface

The study showed that optimization techniques are applied to four main areas, which are the cut-off grade, production scheduling, mining limits and the mine value chain. Most common techniques used...

Optimizing short-term production schedules in surface

Apr 27, 2007 · (1998). Optimizing short-term production schedules in surface mining: Integrating mine modeling software with AMPL/CPLEX. International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Environment: Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 149-155.

PDF) Optimization of Ore Production in Copper Mine

Optimization of Ore Production in Copper Mine. January 2020; American Journal of Industrial and Business Management 10(01):61-74; DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2020.101005. Project: optimization of ore ...

Productivity at the mine face: Pointing the way forward

Mine V is an Americas gold mine confronting challenging geological conditions. It saw its production fall over 20 percent despite investments that held up its asset value; its MPI performance fell over 20 percent. The worst performer in Exhibit 2 is the African gold producer Mine Z, which is in the middle of a change in mining …


The present study is intended to develop the economic assessment and mine production optimization of the Coriorcco Gold Project, based on the iterative cutoff grade analysis approach. This approach represents a win-win situation for all major players in the mining industry. The company benefits from better economic results due to a 40.79% ...

Extensions to an efficient optimization model for long-term

EXTENSIONS TO AN EFFICIENT OPTIMIZATION MODEL FOR LONG-TERM PRODUCTION PLANNING 1 Introduction LKAB’s Kiruna Mine is located above the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, and produces about 24 million tons of iron ore per year, making it is the second largest underground mine in the world today. The orebody, a

Optimizing Production at a Mining Quarry

Feb 29, 2012 · Optimizing Production at a Mining Quarry - CAS DataLoggers. Versatile DT80 Intelligent Datalogger from dataTaker CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the datalogging solution for a major international building supplies provider experiencing regular downtime in one of their mining quarries.

Extensions to an efficient optimization model for long

EXTENSIONS TO AN EFFICIENT OPTIMIZATION MODEL FOR LONG-TERM PRODUCTION PLANNING 1 Introduction LKAB’s Kiruna Mine is located above the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, and produces about 24 million tons of iron ore per year, making it is the second largest underground mine in the world today. The orebody, a

ABB Ability Operations Management System for mining - Mining

In addition, the system allows mine planner to achieve new levels of production scheduling efficiency from bench preparation to crusher, optimizing resource usage in real time and following the production plan more effectively.

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