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A conveyor pulley is a mechanical device similar to a conveyor roller that is used to change the direction of the belt in a conveyor system or to drive the belt or to put tension on the belt. A pulley is much more heavy-duty than a roller and used at either end of a conveyor or near the drive/motor. Choosing the right conveyor belt pulley for your conveyor can get tricky and this is where Heinrich Brothers Inc. can offer …

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Pulleys used for Slider Bed, Roller Bed, Belt Driven Live Roller and Troughing Belt. Mainly used for light to medium duty conveyors. Several styles are available and customized for your application. P1 – Crowned & Knurled Face Pulley. P2 – Flat Knurled Face Pulley Center V. P3 – Flat Knurled Face Double V. P4 – Crowned Face Idler Pulley.

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SST plastic pulleys are commonly used in power transmission, fitness equipment, motor transfer applications and more. Contact us today at (513)583-7800 to have your plastic pulleys supplied by SST Conveyor Components.

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Conveyor Pulleys. Martin manufactures heavy duty conveyor pulleys, including drum pulleys, wing pulleys, turbine pulleys, engineered pulleys, and special construction pulleys. Martin’s product line meets the demanding requirements of industries such as: sand and gravel quarries, coal mines, unit packaging, food processing, and recycling.

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Pulley, which is provided to increase/decrease, warp/contact angle of belt on nearby pulley, is called Snub Pulley. Take-Up (Tail) Pulley. Take-Up (Tail) Pulley. Pulley, which can be moved to keep belt tight, is called take-up Pulley.Take-Up Pulley may be a drive pulley or an idler pulley. Bend Pulley. Bend Pulley.

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We carry conveyor system pulleys for all types of systems, from engineered, heavy duty, mine duty, steel split drum and more. Moving people. Moving products. Moving the world.

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Install these pulleys on powered belt conveyors to drive the belt, redirect the belt back to the drive pulley, or help maintain the belt's tracking so it follows the desired path during conveying. Conveyor belt pulleys are used to replace worn or damaged pulleys on a conveyor or to build a new conveyor system.

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Motorized pulley systems consist of a motor sealed and protected inside an outer metal drum. Inside the drum, the motor is electrically driven and oil-lubricated. The outer drum serves as a traction pulley, driving the conveyor belt forward. Both standard and motorized conveyor belt pulleys come in a variety of configurations for a variety of ...

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Cable Conveyor Systems 3# Idler Pulley. Idler Pulleys come with either a 1/4" or 3/8" bore. Call 800-624-6064 for pricing information.


Conveyor pulleys play an essential role in the performance and reliability of belt conveyor systems worldwide. It is because of this essential role that pulley selection becomes a critical process in keeping equipment up and running. If select ion is conducted in haste, a conveyor pulley may be inadequately sized and selected, leading to

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Specifications for Welded Steel Conveyor Pulleys & B501.1-2003 Specifications for Welded Steel Wing Pulleys) suited to a wide variety of applications especially where initial cost is the most important factor. This class is recommended for use with up to 220PIW conveyor belts.

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Use on a conveyor pulley with a conveyor belt tensioner to adjust the tension on a conveyor belt. Enclosed Conveyor Belt Tensioners These tensioners have a totally enclosed adjusting screw to prevent debris buildup and thread damage.

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There are a variety of wing pulleys including heavy-duty wing pulleys, spiral wing pulleys, herringbone wing pulleys, and more. Lagged Pulleys Conveyor pulley lagging is an important part of any conveyor system where improved friction grip is needed. This can be needed due to things like dampness or poor drive ratios (for example: elevator belts).

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Conveyor Systems & Components Company is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to Customer Service.We are equipped to supply your business with everything from replacement belting to turnkey systems. We have over 30 years experience in the Material Handling Field and have been in business since 1984.. Conveyor Systems & Components Company represents many different ...

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From Rock Face to Load Out®, Superior Industries designs and manufactures crushing, screening, washing and conveying solutions to support the world's dry bulk producers.

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The “driver” is usually the most important component of any moving system and it’s no different with conveyors. Simply put, conveyor pulleys are responsible for driving the belt. It takes at least two to travel and are categorized as drive or head, return or tail, bend tensioning, snub tensioning or take-up pulleys.

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If your company needs a reliable new or refabricated conveyor pulley, West River Conveyors can help. Request A Code. In-Stock Conveyor Pulleys. Starting with the pulley shaft, Conveyor Equipment Manufacturing Association (CEMA) system specifications dictate a standard shaft extension – and West River Conveyors proudly surpasses that standard.

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Conveyor Pulleys With our state-of-the-art pulley facility, Lorbrand offers clients customised manufacturing solutions to meet their conveyor pulley needs. These include plate rolling, profiling, machining, line boring, sub-arc welding, stress relieving, sand blasting, static balancing and painting.

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Using standard conveyor pulleys is not recommended if the manufacturing line involves handling loose materials. This is because these excess parts can get stuck at the conveyor belt's underside and cause unwanted damage to the component of the conveyor. If you've already experienced several break-downs because of the same reason, it's time to switch to self-cleaning pulleys.

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