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Recovery of Copper and Silver by Flotation from Smelting

By analysis the slag containing 1.61% copper and 27.80g/t silver is available to recovery. The effective factors such as particle size, the amount and type of collector were examined. The combination of the collectors was also examined. With the process utilized in this work, a copper concentrate of 26.47% Cu with a recovery of 78.85% is produced.


Outotec Slag Cleaning Slag cleaning at copper and nickel smelters is typically done using an electric furnace process. The design of Outotec slag cleaning furnaces is based on our extensive experience with different slag compositions and under-standing of how to optimize the process for maximum recovery.

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Copper Slag is an aggressive abrasive primarily used for the surface preparation of metals and concrete surfaces. Its bulk density and angular shape give it an aggressiveness that provides clean, fast-cutting action-increasing production rates.


recovery was due to the presence of copper oxides in the slag, as well as to the fact that copper sulphides were predominantly found in particle size fractions below 38 µm.

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Recovery of copper from reverberatory furnace slag recovery of copper from reverberatory furnace slag by flotation prompt caesar is a famous mining equipment manufacturer wellknown both at home and abroad, major in producing

Copper Slag Abrasive | Sandblasting Equipment Parts

Copper Slag is an aggressive abrasive primarily used for the surface preparation of metals and concrete surfaces. Its bulk density and angular shape give it an aggressiveness that provides clean, fast-cutting action-increasing production rates.

Recovery of copper and cobalt from ancient slag

the application of flotation in copper slag processing could be limited. Leaching is another method for recovery of metals from copper slag. Leaching with nitrate, perchloride, hydrochlo

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Waste copper slag is a typical hazardous solid waste containing a variety of valuable elements and has not been effectively disposed of so far. In this paper, a stepwise extraction process was proposed to recover valuable elements (copper, iron, lead and zinc) from waste copper slag. The specific procedures are as follows: (1) A flotation process was adopted to enrich copper, and when the ...

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COPPER SLAG . Copper slag is the most economical expendable abrasive for blasting purpose in areas where recovery and recycling is impractical. It is a by-product formed during the manufacture of copper while smelting and quenching process in copper smelter. The raw slag is processed and screed in various grades for blasting purpose.

Improving Copper Recovery from Production Slags by Advanced

Improving Copper Recovery from Production Slags by Advances Stirring Methods Proceedings of EMC 2011 3 treated in the existing copper extraction route or separately in a subsequent reactor the slag phase can be used as construction material for example. 1.2 Conventional pyrometallurgical copper slag route

Precious metal recoveries in secondary copper smelting with

Dec 31, 2019 · The recovery of precious metals from the WEEE is currently performed in copper-making circuits including copper smelters, converters and secondary (black) copper smelters. Black copper smelting is typically implemented for low-grade copper scrap, which may be highly oxidized and includes a wide range of impurities, typically lead, tin, zinc ...

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Slag Crushing And Recovery Machine- EXODUS Mining machine. Slag Crushing And Recovery Machine Youtube . The equipment was the recovery of iron in concentration was improved and get price and support online induction furnace slag recovery by manual method slag recovery machine stone crusher plant flux recovery unit manual auto pipe cutting slagiron furnace slagslag processinginduction furnace slag

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recovery. The copper analysis remaining after conventional slag cleaning can be close to 1% while molybdenum is sometime found in a range of 0.2 to 0.4%, depending on kind of mineral treated and technology used. These


1973/05/30 · SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The invention provides an improved hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of metal values from waste slag material which may be copper smelter slag, or slag from other smelting operations. The new process is exothermic is easy to carry out, and utilizes only readily available equipment and inexpensive reagents.

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Table of ContentsDescription of Slag SamplesPreparation of Slag SamplesBatch Flotation TestsFlotation Test ProcedureFlotation of Copper From Slow-Cooled Converter SlagsFlotation of Copper from Water-Quenched Converter SlagsGrindability DeterminationsCost Estimate for the Flotation of Copper from Converter SlagsProcess for Slow-Cooled SlagProcess for Quenched SlagCost EvaluationHow to Recover ...

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Vacuum Recovery Equipment is a compact unit and includes silo, vacuum pump, cyclone, dust collector and control panel. The system is engineered for easy installation, operation, maintenance and increased productivity with superior overall performance.

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Industrial Equipment Services. Rapid Prep, is a full-service provider of surface preparation equipment. Our highly trained staff has a combined experience within the industrial painting industry of more than 100 years. Rapid Prep is fully committed to providing the highest quality equipment backed by 24-hour service from start up to demobilization.

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Copper Recovery Services. Cal-Chem Metals works with Clients across North America on copper recovery projects. These copper reclamation projects include copper slag recovery, copper mud recovery and rod mill scale/filter paper recovery.

Recovery Of Copper From Reverberatory Furnace Slag By Flotation

copper slag recycling plants ... metal oxides and produces impure copper and an iron rich slag that. at a ... from reverberatory furnace slag by flotation May 12, 2013 · A process for the recovery of iron from copper slag which ...

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results implied that the iron recovery rate of the copper slag can reach 91.82%, and the extracted iron powder has an iron grade of 96.21%. Maweja, et al. investigated that increasing coal-to-slag ratio to 5 wt.% allowed the recovery ...

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Copper Slag. CESCO Copper Slag is an aggressive very hard abrasive used in new steel and steel maintenance applications to remove heavier coatings. Its bulk density, hardness and angular shape give it an aggressiveness that provides clean, fast-cutting action, considerably increasing production rates.

Enhancing the flotation recovery of copper minerals in smelter

2020/01/01 · Namibia Custom Smelters (NCS) process a range of copper concentrates in their three furnaces, namely; top submerged lance, copper converter and reverberatory furnaces, in order to produce mattes and fayalitic slags. The copper content of the slags range between 0.8 to 5 wt. % and this is considered too high for disposal to the environment.

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low cost copper slag recovery plant and machine_Copper Recovery INDUSTRIAL SCRAP RECYCLING …Copper Recovery is a manufacturer of wire and cable recycling equipment, ... Maximize ROI with our low. cost, ... PCB / PM RECOVERY PLANT.Wagner Sh


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In smelting, copper-rich matte containing sulphides and copper slag as by-product are formed [1]. For every ton of copper produced during smelting and refining operations, approximately 2.2–3 tons of fayalite slag is produced and the management of these significant quantities is di cult [2,3].

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Copper Slag, highly efficient Blasting Material. Less than 0,1% Free Silica. Reusable Material up to 3 operating cycles, depending on application. Increased blasting efficiency indoor and outdoor. The substance is not classified as ...

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2020/01/16 · and slag were approximately stable at 1000 when copper content in matte increased from 40 to 55 wt pct Cu, and then it decreased from around 1000 to 200 with increasing matte grade. Avarmaa et al.[45] reported the distributions

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Description : Copper Slag is a blast cleaning grit made of granulated slag from metal melting processes. (also called Iron-silicate). (also called Iron-silicate). Applications : Blastcleaning of steel and stone/concrete surfaces, removal of mill scale, rust, old paint, dirt etc. Suitable for SA-3, …

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In addition, we offer Copper Slag waste recovery service for neutralization, by complying to the provisions and guidance norms regarding the recovery and reuse of the blasting materials in an ecological manner. We offer FREE waste recovery service for the copper slag provided by our company.

Utilization of Waste Copper Slag to Produce Directly Reduced

Waste copper slag is a refractory material with high iron content, but it is difficult to recovery iron minerals from the slag because the iron mainly occurs in fayalite. A new technology of coal-based direct reduction-magnetic separation process was developed to recover iron from the slag assaying 39.85% Fe total and 0.33% Cu.

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Equipment Used In The Recovery Of Iron From Copper Slag Copper Slag - General Information Process Products Recycling copper slag to recover metals has been focused on copper recovery and used for blast-cleaning of metal surface Copper slag has also gained popularity in the building industry for use as a fill material Equipment Suppliers Green Diamond vs Copper Slag .

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Copper cathode production line from copper anode, tailored for small & medium capacity, provides more flexibility to investors! Waelz Kiln Metalcess provides Waelz Kiln for the recovery of zinc oxide from low grade zinc-bearing material including zinc leaching residue, zinc slag from lead smelting, zinc electrolyte purification precipitate ...

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copper slag recovery equipment - the slag cannot be effectively utilized. Main methods in use for iron recovery from copper slag include direct beneficiation for iron recovery [3], oxidative modification [4,5] of iron oxide for iron recovery, smelting reduction for iron recovery [6,7], and direct reduction (DR) for iron recovery [8,9 ...

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