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Tagetes erecta (aka African marigolds, American marigolds, or Mexican marigolds): This species is the tallest and most upright marigold, reaching 3 to 4 feet in height and producing large, full flowers. They’re native to Mexico and Central America and will thrive even under drought-like conditions.

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...Marigold Seeds AKA: Cracker Jack, African Marigold, American Marigold, Big Marigold Annual Full Sun Days to Materials: Yard to Vase, victory garden, seeds to plant, flower arranging, Tagetes erecta Sow Indoors or Outdoors: Cracker Jack marigolds are a hardy full sun performers and most...

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Over half a century of experience in offering comprehensive range of industry leading seeds. Shop online now! Marigold Alumia Gold_disc.

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AMERICAN (or AFRICAN) MARIGOLDS. Antigua Series (Tagetes erecta) - Mounded garden habit with bright 3 inch double blooms. Excellent border , bedding or container plant. Height: 10-12 inches; Approximately 50 seeds per pack. #12372 Gold Packet of seeds $4.00.

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Big Duck Orange joins sibling Big Duck Gold in a new marigold series that continues blooming throughout the season, even longer than the comparisons. These marigolds grow vigorously creating well-branched plants with clean, deep-green foliage.

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Marigold Seeds and Plants. Glorious marigolds flower in the colors of the sun: brilliant yellow, bold orange, bright white, rich gold and warm red tones. Burpee's seeds and plants grow perfectly in any home garden.

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Supplies used: Crate Paper Marigold Collection: 12 x 12 Paper Pad (373253), Thickers Phrase and Icon Puffy Gold Foil Lovely (373257), Icon Clothespins (373273), We R Memory Keepers: Pocket Punch Board (660484), Silhouette Design Store: Cut file Purse

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Daisy-like flowers american marigold aztec marigold. Names include tall american marigolds around the. Plant and genre plant. French marigolds. Still sticksespecially in diameter that are tall. Into consideration that. Nov. Antigua gold, vanilla, marvel yellow to.

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Growing Crush Series Marigold Garden Seeds. Taxonomy: Tagetes erecta Other Names: Aztec Marigold, American Marigold, African Marigold, Big Marigold Seed Type: Annual Sow Indoors or Outdoors: Crush Series marigolds are a hardy full sun performer and most commonly sown directly after the frost but, for earliest blooms, begin seeds 6 – 8 weeks indoors prior to the frost.

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African Marigolds (also known as American or Aztec Marigolds) are much larger than French Marigolds with large 3" double blooms on long stems that can be used as cut flowers. They also repel garden pests while attracting pollinators and beneficial insects.

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American Marigold. Tagetes erecta All American Marigold range from dwarf, semi dwarf to tall cut flower type are bred and developed to withstand disease and the extreme heat in the tropical climate.

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Get here lists of marigold seeds, marigold seeds suppliers, exporters and manufacturers. These shown marigold seeds exporting companies are offering good quality products at Marigold Seeds are widely used to grow the plants in gardens as they look cheerful and spendthrifts after blooming.

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Big Duck Gold has plump blooms that continue throughout the season, much longer than the competition. It is no surprise this Marigold was a 2019 AAS Flower Winner. Add it to your landscape for sunshine color and unparalleled performance! Pkt of 25 seeds

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Some of the major Marigold varieties are listed below: African or American Marigolds (Tagetes erecta): These marigolds are tall, erect-growing plants up to three feet in height. The flowers are globe-shaped and large. Flowers may measure up to 5 inches across.

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Remove the Marigold Seeds . Marigold seeds are long, slender, and pointed. They are dark on one end and light on the other. Take each bloom, and pull the seeds away from the base. Then, discard the base. Separate the seeds, and spread them out on your paper towel.

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African marigolds grow 1.5 to 2 feet tall and spread 1 to 1.5 feet wide, with green stems and green, fern-like foliage. The plant shows off large flowers that are 3 to 6 inches in diameter and ...

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Along with Marigold, scientific classification is also important. Plant family is the group of plants which have something in common. Marigold family is the family in which it has some properties in common with other plants in that family. It gives you the idea of how the plant looks, where the seed pod will be, what the seed will be like, etc.

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Big Duck Gold has plump blooms that continue throughout the season, much longer than the competition. It is no surprise this Marigold was a 2019 AAS Flower Winner. Add it to your landscape for sunshine color and unparalleled performance! Pkt of 25 seeds

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Single golden flowers, strong anti-nematode properties, grow around tomato plants for nematode protection. Tested successfully in Holland, Golden Guardian is a Marigold that packs a powerful punch interplanted with vegetables (especially tomatoes), it is the most effective at killing harmful...

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Product description In constant demand for its affordability and performance, with huge, early, carnation-type blooms in a bright mix of orange, gold and yellow. Ideal for background plantings and home garden cuts, where leaves can be stripped to eliminate odor. The flowers are chrysanthemum-like with a mass of bright colored petals.

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Collecting and saving marigold seeds is easy and fun. Marigolds are one of the easiest of all flowering annual plants to save the seed from and they grow...

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The marigold also sports edible flowers, making it even more at home in the veggie garden. Marigolds are also amazing planted in beds and borders. They are easy to grow and create a gilded blanket of regal warm colors. Sow indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost date or direct sow after last frost. Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep.

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DAYS TO GERMINATION: 4-7 days at 75-80°F (24-27°C) SOWING: Transplant (recommended) - Sow into 72-cell flats 4-6 weeks before last frost, lightly covering seed. Harden-off and transplant out after last frost. For flowering in packs, sow 8 weeks before desired bloom time. Direct seed - After last frost, sow 1/4" deep. Pinching encourages branching.

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Considered by many gardeners as among the easiest and most versatile flowers to grow, marigold seeds tolerate most soils and bloom brightly all summer long. Marigolds are best known for their aromatic blooms, ablaze in bright yellows and oranges, rusts and apricots.

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Buy Pan American Marigold Taishan Gold seeds Online India, Hybrid Seeds Online, the online shop for agriculture supplies and garden tools and seeds, corporate gardening seeds, outdoor gardening seeds, home gardening seeds and tools

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Hero Mix F1 Hybrid Marigolds grows in shades of red, yellow, orange, and gold. The gorgeous double flowers are one of the largest flowering dwarf French Marigolds with a diameter of 5-6.5 cm (2-2.5"). A low maintenance plant that stands up well to rain, heat and

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We are offering Hybrid Marigold Seeds or Tall Gold F1 Marigold seeds. The seeds will produce large plants with an average height of 60-80cm with good branching pattern. The flowers produced are golden yellow in colour and could have a diameter of 8-9cm with an average weight of 1 more...

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Tagetes erecta (African or American Marigolds): These marigolds are tall, erect-growing plants, grow to three to five feet in height producing large globe-shaped How to plant marigold seeds: The first step for growing marigolds from seed is to sow the seeds. Sow the seeds directly in the soil in Spring.

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Mar 09, 2021 · Breeds and produces hybrid and open pollinated flower seeds, selling through distributors worldwide.

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African Marigold, American Marigold, Aztec Marigold, Big Marigold, Marigold, Mexican Marigold, Saffron Marigold, French marigold, Big marigold, Marigold, Mary Bud, Gold Bloom, Pot Marigold and Ruddes are some of the well-known common names of the plant. Some authorities regard Tagetes patula (the French marigold) as a synonym of Tagetes erecta.

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Common Name : African (American) Marigold. Blooming Season : Spring, Late Spring, Summer. Plant Habit : Upright, Mounded. Grower Information : Seed supplied as: Coated, De-tailed. Plug crop time: 3 weeks Transplant to finish: Spring 5 to 6 weeks, Summer 7 to 8 weeks.

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In 1939, Burpee introduced the first hybrid marigold, followed within a few years by a maroon-streaked, yellow French marigold. As part of its longtime search for a true white marigold, Burpee launched a national contest in 1954. The $10,000 prize for the seed of a truly white marigold was finally awarded to an Iowa gardener in 1975.

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The First Marigold Hybrid. The first marigold interspecific hybrid was produced in 1939 by the Burpee Seed Company. It was called 'Burpee Red & Gold.' Since then, countless French marigold hybrids have been developed, including marigolds with double, semi-double and single-flower blooms.

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Tall! Almost Three Feet! New! Creamy white marigold. 2–3” cream-colored, fully double, uniform blooms borne on productive, sturdy, uniform plants. High-quality blooms produce a mild, sweet marshmallow fragrance, without the typical strong marigold scent. More

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Winner Type: National Class: Marigold Variety Name: First Lady Year: 1968 Common Name: Marigold Type: Flowers Breeder: W. Atlee Burpee Co.

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Harris Seeds is a privately owned seed company with a long tradition of supplying the finest vegetable seeds, flower seeds, plants and supplies to growers and gardeners since 1879. The Harris Seeds team includes local growers and garden enthusiasts, whose invaluable knowledge and expertise allow us to better serve you.

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You can plant marigold seeds in shallow seed trays to begin with, and move the plants to pots or planters once they've begun to grow. Or you can plant the seeds directly in the pot you'd like to display the plant in. Seeds should be placed 1/8 inch to1/4 inch deep in good potting soil, and kept moist in a warm, sunny spot.

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Along with these, Ganja is a trendy name in Jamaica. If you have come for a visit and want to buy weed seeds in Jamaica, you’ve come to the right place! Jamaican cannabis, recognized by many other names including ganja, marijuana, weed, marigold, spliff, or herb, has been prevalent on this island for more than a centenary.

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Flower Seeds. CROP. Marigold. Online. partner. PRODUCT. Marigold. SEGMENT. SEEDS. Wide range of orange, yellow, African yellow and vanilla (white) marigold seeds are available online at BigHaat. Door Delivery and COD available.

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Common Name : African (American) Marigold. Blooming Season : Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer. Plant Habit : Upright. Spacing : 8 - 10" (20 - 25cm) Height : 16 - 18" (41 - 46cm) Width : 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Exposure : Sun. Grower Information : Seed supplied as: Coated, De-tailed. Plug crop time: 3 weeks

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