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High Performance Alternative to Hexavalent Chromium Passivation

...Hexavalent Chromium Passivation of Plated Zinc and Zinc Alloys Copyright 2001 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. Alan Gardner John Scharf MacDermid, Inc. ABSTRACT Hexavalent chrome passivates have been used for improving the corrosion resistance of sacrificial zinc and zinc...

Study on Chromium-Free Color Passivation for Zinc... | Scientific.Net

Silicate passivation system is compared with hexavalent chromium passivation technology and the results showed that: the appearance and corrosion resistance of passive films formed on zinc coatings plated with alkaline system are better than samples plated with acid system, and have the same...

Souriau announces a range of REACH-compliant composite

Souriau, like most manufacturers, uses hexavalent chromium, one of the substances listed as hazardous, in the surface treatment processes for many of its connectors. Although the European Chemicals Agency has granted derogations of up to 12 years depending on the application, Souriau wished to anticipate this deadline.

Cobalt-Free Technology for Trivalent Chromates on Zinc Plating

Apr 05, 2011 · Metal finishers received “no breaks” from the automotive industry when the ELV directive mandated, “no more hexavalent chromium,” over zinc plated components. Initially, suppliers were asked to reduce the cost of their chromates by 10-15% and increase the general salt spray requirements of 24-96 hr to first white rust (FWR) to a rigid ...

CN101805897A - Passivation method for zinc-plated trivalent

The invention discloses a passivation method for zinc-plated trivalent chromium, which is characterized by adding the following components in parts by weight into 1000 parts of water, wherein the components comprise 5-15 parts of Cr(NO3)3, 3-5 parts of cobalt nitrate, 1-3 parts of phosphate, 1.5-5 parts of nitric acid, 2-10 parts of boric acid, 1-10 parts of citric acid, 2-8 parts of malonic ...

PDF) Trivalent Passivation of Plated Zinc and Zinc Alloys

SAE Technical paper series ‘High Performance Alternative to Hexavalent Chromium Passivation of Plated Zinc and Zinc Alloys’ SAE 2001-01-0644 ANALYTICAL METHODS AND FURTHER INFORMATION I. Detection of chrome compounds – The deposit and passivate layer is stripped in dilute mineral acid.

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Copper Plating. Copper electrodeposition has many applications in the metal finishing industry. It is usually used as an undercoat for nickel, aluminium, zinc, chromium on steel, zinc die casts and plating grade plastics.

Hexavalent Chromium Free Post Treatment Processes | Chromium

ATOTECH_EcoTri_Bright Zinc Plating_Hexavalent Chrome Free - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The corrosion resistance is Atotech's efforts are focused on avoid- significantly better compared to con- ing hexavalent chromium in passivate ventional blue...

Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds) - (Chromium 6, Chromium VI

Chromium 6, also known as hexavalent chromium, is the most toxic form of the metal chromium. It is naturally found in rocks and may enter the groundwater by weathering of Is used in chrome plating processes, and in wood preservatives. Is emitted during casting, welding, and cutting stainless steel.

Chromium-free corrosion solutions: Silica-based electrolytic

Jun 01, 2008 · Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica 2001;39 (suppl 2):146-7. 8. Mishra S, et al. Studies on uptake oftrivalent and hexavalent chromium by maize (Zea mays). Food and Chemical Toxicology 1995;33(5):393-7. 9. Wynn P, Bishop C. Replacing hexavalent chromium in passivations on zinc-plated parts. PF Online.

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Plating International is both a leader and a pioneer in the surface finishing industry. With distribution facilities in over 12 countries and years of experience managing plating shops, we know a thing or two about plating!

99(2016) Standard Practice for Detection of Hexavalent Chromium

Hexavalent chromium-bearing treatments (passivates) can Chrome passivation may interfere with the successful pretreatment of galvanized steel, as well as 1.1 This practice can be used to detect the presence of hexavalent chromium on galvanized and zinc/aluminum alloy coated steel surfaces.

Replacing Hexavalent Chromium in Passivations on Zinc Plated

(Hexavalent chromium passivations are based on a thick, gelatinous trivalent chromium layer known as the olation polymer.) A prohibition on the use of heavy metals such as hexavalent chromium in materials and components of vehicles will exist from January 1, 2003, according to the document.

Zinc Plating (MAT0310) -

1.2 CNH has begun the process of eliminating hexavalent chromium passivation and compounds from all zinc plated finishes supplied to this specification. CNH is implementing a transition to trivalent chromium passivation which can provide the same frictional characteristics and corrosion protection as hexavalent chromium passivation.

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Applied as a Top-Coat over passivated Zinc, FINIGARD extends the shelf life of the plated parts to several years and preserves the metallic aspect of the layer. Thanks to the hexavalent Chromium-free passivations, we were the first to introduce the nano-particles containing passivate LANTHANE 310 and TR 175 on the market.

CN104233251A - Non-chromium passivation technology for zinc

A non-chromium passive film prepared by adopting the non-chromium passivation solution for the zinc coating and the passivation technology is iridescent, the color is bright and uniform, the decorative effect is good, and the color is close to that of a chromate passivated film; and the performance of the passive film is close to that of the ...

Trivalent chrome conversion coating for zinc and zinc alloys

Jan 01, 2007 · Leachable hexavalent chrome can be found in the conversion coating layer used to passivate zinc and zinc alloy plated surfaces. The amount of Cr(6) varies from 5 to 400 mg/m2 depending on the type ofpassivation used, and is typically low for light blue coat- ings and heavier for the thicker yellow and olive green types.

Replacement of hexavalent chromium on zamak

Replacement of hexavalent chromium on zamak 2003. I am working on the replacement for hexavalent chromium on zamak. Actually, the process is a zinc plating and passivation. I am looking for new technologies (other process than trivalent chromium). Do you know new technologies? Sincerely, Mr Gurvan Loubes an automotive parts supplier- Nevers, France

Department of Defense Cadmium and Hexavalent Chromium

Why replace Cr 6+ and Cd? Hexavalent chromium (Cr 6+) • Known carcinogen • Attacks the respiratory tract, liver, kidneys, skin, and eyes • Exposures occur during welding, coating processes, and surface finishing processes • Documented 75,219 pounds of Cr 6+ used in CY 2015 (5 depots); 67,173 pounds of Cr 6+ used in CY2017 (14 depots ...

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Plating Thickness - The zinc plating shall be a minimum thickness of .0002 inch (5 µm) on all significant surfaces. PennEngineering uses the detection methods defined in the IEC-62321-7-1:2015 to measure hexavalent chrome in the chromate conversion (passivation) layer of our zinc-chromate...

Release rates and environmental impact of Zinc-Nickel

At present the automotive industry is due to an EU directive, replacing hexavalent chrome on vehicles. This is an extensive job as hexavalent chrome is used all over the vehicle and to large extent on fasteners (screws, nuts, rivets etc.). Chrome (VI) is used as a passivating layer on mainly zinc-iron. When replacing the hexavalent

Zinc-Plating vs. black phosphate : engineering

[MECHANICAL]Zinc-Plating vs. black phosphate ( submitted 2 years ago by StealthSpyda215. I was curious about the difference in corrosion resistance between these two coatings for steel hardware? All that I found was that zinc plated was "very good" and black phosphate was...

Cerium-tannic acid passivation treatment on galvanized

5/24/2009 · A novel cerium-tannic acid passivation treatment was performed on galvanized steel. The corrosion resistance of cerium-tannic passivated samples was tested by dropping test with 0.5 wt.% CuSO4 aqueous solution. The mass loss per unit area of passivated samples was measured after the corrosion in 0.5 mol/L NaCl + 0.005 mol/L H2SO4 at room temperature for 96 h. The electrochemical …

Replacement Alternatives to the Chromate Wash Primer DOD-P-15328D

pigmentation contains hexavalent chromium, the ARL Coatings Team has explored the use of alternative passivation. The reasons for hexavalent chromium substitutes are crucial— particularly for health, safety, environmental compliance, and pollution prevention. Upon paint removal or stripping, the chromate wash primer, together with the CARC paint,

Alternatives To Cadmium Plated Military Connectors and Fasteners

Zinc-Nickel (5 -20% nickel) - ASTM B841, AMS2417 . Pure Dense Aluminum - Mil-DTL-83488 Connector suppliers use these 3 plating specs as a baseline. Each has their own recipe for thickness, underplate(s) to meet the performance required for connectors Zinc-Nickel and Aluminum connector finishes currently contain a hexavalent chromate

PDF Trivalent Passivate/Chromate FAQ

It is commonly used on zinc-plated parts in order to provide protection from corrosion such as white rust or red rust. EPI provides both trivalent passivation in blue and yellow finishes to meet the standards of current European Union initiatives and RoHS standards, but also provides hexavalent...

Formation of Trivalent Chromium Passivation Layers

Over the years, research on trivalent chromium passivation (TCP) has expanded into many fields of application, among them as a replacement for conversion coatings containing hexavalent chromium (Cr 6), known as chromates.REACH-compliant TCP processes have been found to be adequate replacements for chromates, however, implementing them in the highly safety-minded aviation industry, for example ...


Passivations for items made of Stainless Steel (AISI316, 304 κλπ) Blue, Iridescent, Black Passivations based on Hexavalent Chromium. These are applied after zinc plating. Blue and Iridescent Passivations based on Trivalent Chromium, applied after zinc plating.

What is Passivation? How Does Stainless Passivation Work?

Stainless steel derives its corrosion-resistant properties from the chromium content. Chromium, when exposed to oxygen (air), forms a thin film of chromium oxide that covers the stainless steel surface and protects the underlying iron from rusting. The purpose of passivation is to augment and optimize formation of the chromium oxide layer.

Replacing Hexavalent Chromium in Passivations on Zinc Plated

The European Union's "end-of-life" vehicle directive3aims to reduce waste disposal through waste prevention from vehicles and ensure where practicable the re-use, recycling and recovery of end-of-life vehicles and their components. The directive requires introduction of a certificate of destruction for end-of-life vehicles, allowing authorities to control the destiny of end-of-life vehicles, while the car manufacturer meets all or a significant part of the take-back costs. Provisions apply from

High Performance Alternative to Hexavalent Chromium

High Performance Alternative to Hexavalent Chromium Passivation of Plated Zinc and Zinc Alloys 2001-01-0644 Hexavalent chrome passivates have been used for improving the corrosion resistance of sacrificial zinc and zinc alloy coatings on ferrous substrates for many years.

Cerium-Containing Solution for Chromate-Free Passivation of

Bhatt, H.A., Replacement Hexavalent Chromium in Automotive Industry for ELV Directive, Technical Paper, Sur/Fin, 6/2002 , Chicago. Zheludkova, E.A., Abrashov, A.A., Grigoryan, N.S. et al. Cerium-Containing Solution for Chromate-Free Passivation of Zinc...

Zinc: Trivalent vs Hexavalent | Silchrome Plating Ltd

Zinc: Trivalent vs Hexavalent . Zinc Plating is a very popular process for the protection of a wide range of components. It’s a sacrificial coating that offers excellent corrosion resistance at a cost effective price. Zinc Plating is also known as galvanising and can be passivated in a number of colours.

US20090014094A1 - Methods for Reducing Hexavalent Chromium in

The present invention is directed to trivalent chromate conversion coatings for plated metals, and more particularly, to methods for reducing hexavalent chromium in trivalent chromate conversion coatings. In one embodiment, such method includes placing a metal article having a trivalent chromate conversion coating in a reducing solution.

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Nov 04, 2019 · Zinc-chromium coated water The zinc-based chromium salt solution consists of two components. The first component is mainly metal powder, deionized water and ethylene glycol, etc., wherein the metal powder is a mixture of zinc powder and aluminum powder, and the zinc powder and the aluminum powder have a chip diameter of 10 μm to 15 μm and a ...

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