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Delaware State Mineral - Sillimanite. Sillimanite - Delaware State Mineral. Sillimanite, a white to tan to green aluminum silicate, (Al 2 SiO 5) occurs in high temperature, aluminum-rich metamorphic rocks. In Delaware, it is found in the Hoopes Reservoir and Brandywine Springs areas. In 1977, the Delaware General Assembly, acting on a proposal by the Delaware Mineralogical Society, established sillimanite as the Delaware State Mineral.

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09.AF.05 Sillimanite Al2SiO5=Al[6]Al[4]OSiO4 P nma 2/m 2/m 2/m : Other Sillimanite Information: See Also: Links to other databases for Sillimanite : 1 - Am. Min. Crystal Structure Database 2 - Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery 3 - Athena 4 - CalTech Mineral Spectroscopy 5 - EUROmin Project 6 - Ecole des Mines de Paris 7 - Franklin Minerals(Dunn) - Sillimanite

The Ivrea-Verbano zone roughly consists of a mafic layered intrusion and an amphibolite to granulite facies formation, the Kinzigite Formation. Sillimanite is a rock forming mineral in a semi-pelitic gneiss where it forms fibers (sillimanite var. fibrolite) in amphibolite facies gneiss and small prismatic crystals in the granulite facies gneiss.

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Baddeleyite-apatite-spinel-phlogopite (BASP) rock in Achankovil Shear Zone, South India, as a probable cumulate from melts of carbonatite affinity. Lithos, 90(1-2), 1-18. Madhya Pradesh

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The chemical composition of Sillimanite Cat’s Eye is Al2SiO5 Fibrolite and its hardness ratio on the Mohs scale is 6-7. It is found in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), the U.S. (Idaho), Czechoslovakia, India, Italy, Germany, and Brazil.

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Sillimanite, brown, pale green, or white glassy silicate mineral that often occurs in long, slender, needlelike crystals frequently found in fibrous aggregates. An aluminum silicate, Al2OSiO4, it occurs in high-temperature regionally metamorphosed clay-rich rocks (e.g., schists and gneisses).

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Sillimanite is rare, and you’ll probably never see any crystals for sale, except an occasional example mined in India. However, it is mind in various locations, specifically for industrial uses. My old 1948 Plymouth used spark plugs probably made using sillimanite because it is a superb refractory, a substance that can withstand high heat.

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Nov 17, 2010 · Muscovite and sillimanite vary with metamorphic grade. Accessory minerals are iron-titanium oxides, zircon, sphene, and apatite. Microcline is an essential constituent of the quartzites and schists and serves to distinguish the Setters rocks from the plagioclase-rich schists and gneisses of the Wissahickon Formation.

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Formula: Al 2 SiO 5 Orthorhombic Description: Sillimanite forms during relatively high temperature metamorphism and is common in schist, gneisses and quartzites. FOREST COUNTY: Tiny radiating fibers and clusters of sillimanite are intergrown with quartz in the McCaslin Quartzite at Deer Lookout Tower and adjacent outcrops extending into Oconto and Marinette Counties.

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Fibrous sillimanite is very often dyed to imitate various "precious" gemstones like ruby, emerald and others. This type of sillimanite has a massive fibrous like appearance under magnification and show color concentrations. It is easily identified by the 1.66-1.68 range of R.I. with D.R. of 0.020 and S.G. of around 3.2.

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Jul 31, 2015 · Luckily, a few needles broke the surface, allowing laser Raman spectroscopy to identify the mystery inclusions as sillimanite, an aluminosilicate mineral that forms in high-grade metamorphic rocks, including the amphibolite facies. With a chemical formula of Al 2 SiO 5, sillimanite, a polymorph of andalusite and kyanite, is frequently found ...

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Jul 29, 2015 · Sillimanite is composed of aluminum silicate, which is a polymorph; sillimanite, kyanite and andalusite all share the same chemical composition (Al2SiO5), but each exhibit differing unique crystal structures. Sillimanite forms as orthorhombic, hexagonal crystals, whereas kyanite and andalusite crystals are both formed as triclinic crystals.

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The thermodynamic equilibrium between sillimanite and andalusite has been determined from the measured phonon spectra. The corresponding aluminium silicate triple point is found to be in the range ...

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Sillimanite is a grayish-blue aluminum silicate with an orthorhombic crystal system. It is trimorphic with andalusite and kyanite. All three have the same chemical compound but their atoms each arrange to create three different crystal forms.

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Nov 19, 2020 - Sillimanite, West side of Piper Mtn., Gilford, New Hampshire, USA. Sillimanite crystals in biotite-garnet schist. Size: 5 cm Field Collected: Kevin Mortimer

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Sep 20, 2003 · Sillimanite-"Faceted gems when they can be found are usually very small, around one carat in size, and quite rare. Cat''s-eye gems can be found up to five carats. However, larger gems are known to exist only in private collections. For example: The Smithsonian Institute has a faceted 22ct Sillimanite and a 5.90ct cat''s-eye.

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