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The elevator screens involve two screeners who set two adjacent basketball screens parallel to each other with a small gap or opening. Following that action, an offensive player will cut in between the gap of the screens and then the two screeners will close the gap/opening.

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The “elevator” screen is a type of double screen that has been used with particular success by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. Simply, when setting an “elevator” screen, two team mates set a screen but stand one or two steps apart from each other. The “elevator” screen is often used after some other screens in the offence as it is most effective when there is some separation between the cutter and their defender.

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The elevator action happens when a player cuts between two screeners. Once they get through, the screeners close together (like elevator doors) to form a wall where the defender can't get through, which frees them for a shot. 1 must be a good passer to deliver the ball to the shooter. 2 needs to be a good shooter - this action should get them open for a shot. 3 can set additional screens, create misdirection or provide spacing.

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Using ‘Elevator Screens’ to close the door on defenders. The “elevator screen” is appropriately named because it has two stationary screeners that are stacked together but leaves just enough room for a teammate to cut through to the opposite side for a perimeter shot.

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Aug 13, 2016 · Elevator Plays from NCAA & NBA by Wes Kosel Using elevator screens in your offense can be a great way to open up shots for your shooters. Elevator screens, sometimes called “gator”, “gate”, or “fence” screens, are executed by a cutter running between two screeners who “close up” the screen as the cutter runs through.

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This play gives us three looks (options) for getting an open 3-point shot, using the "elevator" screen. See diagram 1. O3 clears to the opposite corner. O1 dribbles toward O2 and hands-off to O2. As O2 dribbles up top, O1 cuts through the elevator screen created by O4 and O5. As O1 cuts through, O4 and O5 close the door.

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Jul 03, 2016 · In this baseline out-of-bounds play, 3 gets an elevator screen to cut to the wing for an open shot. X’s & O’s Elevator Action Plays – Florida Gators – Box Elevator Coach Billy Donovan used this box set and combines a PTP action with an elevator screen.

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The elevator screens are strongly recommended to create jump shot opportunities for the team’s best shooters. For the diagram example, 1 dribbles toward the left side wing area. Following that, 2 cuts to the top of the key by way of elevator screens set by 4 and 5. Next, 2 receives the reversal pass from 1 and then takes the open jump shot.

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Apr 16, 2013 · After the ball screen, the 2 player will fake a backscreen for the 5 player. On the fake backscreen, the X2 defender will hold, as they are a help defender. This will free the 2 player up as they sprint through the elevator screen. Coach Read has also put together The Basketball Encyclopedia of plays.

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Diagram 14 shows the familiar dribble to the wing. On the elevator screen, X4 and X2 switch the screen. Reading this, O4 quickly slips the screen (diagram 15), cutting to the hoop (with X2 on his/her backside), for the pass from O1. Diagonal If X5 and X2 switch on the elevator screen (diagram 16), then O5 diagonal cuts for the pass from O1.

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Apr 07, 2013 · PRO BASKETBALL TALK ... Warriors use ‘elevator’ screens to perfection to free up their shooters (VIDEO) ... it’s a screen set by two players where the third player (the one who will end up ...

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After the 2 sets the screen, he comes through an elevator screen from the 5 and 4. The 1 dribbles over and passes to the 2 for a shot. Dribble Handoff Backdoor Play

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Especially effective are the so-called back screens or rip screens (a defensive player can not see a blocking player), double screens (stack set), and consecutive screens (one by one). There are frequent discussions among basketball coaches on what is actually a successful screening, when and how it is set up (technique), where it is set and ...

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What characterizes an elevator screen in basketball? An elevator screen is a screen set by two players that involves the player being screened cutting through the middle and then the two screeners closing the screen by quickly stepping side-by-side.

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Jun 11, 2020 · On the smack of the ball, the 2 cuts between the 4 and 5 as an elevator door screen. First option is the 2, if they are not open they swing the ball to the 1 then set a pin down screen for the inbounder (3) Elevator Door Screen and Pin Down Screen Baseline Out of Bounds Play. Originally posted 2017-10-12 22:53:31.

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Apr 08, 2013 · The unique screens are called “Elevator” screens and the way it works is the shooter will run between two teammates right before they “close the elevator door” by both setting a screen on a defender.

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Jun 12, 2014 · 3 (Green) uses an elevator screen by 4 (Diaw) and 5 (Splitter) If you are interested, I also have information about the Spurs Playbook from Coach Scott Peterman of the Basketball HoopScoop site. The Spurs Playbook and the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors Playbook make up this weekend’s featured eBook bundle.

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