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This cyanide complex depresses pyrite from about pH 6 to pH 11. Above pH 11 the stable species on pyrite surface is Fe(OH)3. 3. 2Sulphite as depressant (SO 3 -) Since dixanthogen is the species responsible for pyrite flotation -X 2 + 2e 2X-E 0 = -0.06 volt

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In flotation of gold-containing base metal ores, a number of modifiers normally used for selective flotation of copper lead, lead zinc and copper lead zinc have a negative effect on the floatability of gold. Such modifiers include ZnSO. 4 ·7H. 2. O, SO. 2,Na. 2. S. 2. O. 5. and cyanide when added in excessive amounts.


The in-situ ore grades are about 19% as com-bined zinc and lead and the possible reserves are more than 2 million tons. This paper pre-sents the results of characterisation and flotation studies carried out on the lead-zinc ore sample from Ganesh-Himal lead-zinc ore deposit with a …

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Pyrite can use xanthate as the collector in acidic, neutral and weak alkali slurries. The acid-treated pyrite has good floatability (the optimum pH for the use of xanthate is 4.5). For the flotation of pyrite, the ability of xanthate to collect is better than that of dithiophosphate. 2. Xanthate Application in Sphalerite Froth Flotation

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As described in the lead-zinc ore processing section, zinc sulphate and metabisulphide sphalerite and pyrite depressants, respectively, are typically added to grinding. Then a Cu-Pb bulk concentrate is recovered with xanthate, dithiophosphate and flotation reagent blends.


Role of starch and metabisulphite on pure pyrite and pyritic copper ore flotation 41 Mineralogical study also showed that about 50% of ore is formed by pyrite, as a major mineral in the ore. Table 1. Chemical analyses of the samples Compound Pure Pyrite Sample % Pyritic Copper Ore Sample % Fe 42.43 27.65 S 49.40 27.22

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Sodium Metabisulfite aka MBS is used for pH control in froth flotation to control Pyrite depression. Below is a graph showing pH VS pyrite recovery at various collector addition rates. It is also used to prevent flotation of sphalerite by copper activation in the presence of Tennantite/Covellite in the ore. For pyrite flotation, you see maximum iron/pyrite depression using Sodium Metabisulfite ...

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Most of the pyrite is framboidal to colloform, and sometimes occurs in aggregates, but may also occur as fine (20-50 pm) subhedral/euhedral crystals. Typical grades of the clastic ore are 3% copper and 13% zinc. The ore is not only fine-grained, but also contains abundant fine mineral intergrowths and inclusions, and requires fine grinding.

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2019/10/24 · flotation . mining . sgsour core philosophy is to understand the variability of the ore parameters that affect . we provides mineral processing laboratory and pilot test programs designed to achieve your . we offer scientifically proven technology to measure flotation cell . to provide you with reliable data and solutions for more efficient flotation.flotation - minerals engineeringupon him ...

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Apr 01, 2008 · Flotation kinetics of Dulong marmatite ore in rougher flotation with the mixture of copper sulfate and X-1 as the activator and butyl xanthate as the collector. RARE METALS, Vol. 27, No. 2, Apr 2008 Fig. 4. Flotation kinetics of Dulong marmatite ore in cleaner flotation. 4.

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100 g. of zinc sulfide concentrate from a rougher flotation containing about 47% zinc and 5% calcium fluoride was slurried with 90 ml. of water (7 gr. hardness), 5 ml. of a 5% solution of sodium carbonate, 2 ml. of 5% copper sulfate as a zinc activator, 2.5 ml. of a 1% solution of sodium diisopropyl dithiophosphate (corresponding to 0.5 pound ...

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As flotation also can be used for pyrite ore separation, though flotation separation has deficiency with considerable large investment in equipment, higher mining cost, while better efficiency and index in mining with simple flotation reagents, so flotation methods can be used for low grade pyrite ore.


R b g ` e w o Z ^ _ ^ w w 2012 о 04 (204) - 42 - COMPLEX PROCESSING OF POLYMETALLIC LEAD-ZINC ORE I.G. Antropova a,b,, A.Y. Dambayeva a,1 aBaikal Institute of Nature Management, Siberian Branch ...

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zinc and pyrite (recovering of gold and silver) from the bulk flotation tailings was used based on the ore characteristics. The concentrate indexes of the grade of copper, lead, and zinc were 20.87%, 49.91%, and 60.10%,

Chapter 7. Depression of sphalerite with cyanide and zinc

activate the sphalerite in the zinc flotation circuit. Since chalcopyrite (0.3%) is also present in the Rosh Pinah Mine ore, it is believed that the dissolution and/or oxidation of chalcopyrite and galena can contribute to the presence of copper and lead ions in the flotation pulp during the beneficiation of the ore.

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Samples of ore and also of the minerals sphalerite, galena, pyrite, and dolomite were selected for the experiments. Nine types of dispersing agents and six blends among them were employed. A set of three dispersing agents was selected for the lead flotation and another set of three was chosen for zinc flotation.


ration of copper and zinc minerals from pyrite [2]. However, with selective reagents in copper flotation, amount of sphaler-ite and fine-ground pyrite grows in the zinc flotation cycle, which mutilates flotation process. It is known that zinc cycle of copper–zinc ore flotation uses xanthate modifications that are not selective relative to pyrite.

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As shown in Fig. 1, before flotation, 800 g lead-zinc sulfide ore, 500 g water, depressant (8000 g/t lime) and collectors (50 g/t sodium diethyldithiocarbamate and 50 g/t sodium butyl xanthate) were added to a ball mill and ground for 5.5 min.Thereafter, the pulp was transferred to an XFD-63 flotation cell (self-aeration) whose volume for flotation was 1.5 L with an impeller speed of 1800 rpm.


flotation response of the Rosh Pinah ore. In addition, the effect of cuprous ions on the flotation of sphalerite and galena is also studied. The measurements of the pulp chemistry show that higher dissolved oxygen and more positive pulp potential are observed when the ore is ground in a dry environment. More negative pulp potential

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Used as the flotation collector for non-ferrous metal complex sulphide ore with medium selectivity and strong flotation ability, which is suitable for polymetalic sulphide ore consisting copper, lead zinc and so on. In the natural loop, it is particularly effective in the flotation for various copper and pyrite.

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Copper Zinc Mineral Separation Flotation Process Flotation Tank . 744 products Tags: Mining Flotation Copper Ore Flotation Machine Sand Washing Flotation. Contact US Silver Lead Zinc Ore Processing Method using Flotation. Mar 19, 2017 . The mine ore is fed from the coarse ore bin to a 9x 16 Forced Feed .

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At first, ZnO.Fe2O3 was recovered by magnetic separator, and the grade of zinc concentrate is 14.89% and the recovery is 65%.Next step, zinc sulfide was recovered by flotation, and the grade of ...


flotation circuit. They have a common theme in that pyrite forms the principal floatable concentrate diluent. Hellyer ore contains finely disseminated chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, and tetrahedrite. The flotation plant design was based on extensive benchscale testwork (including locked

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Flotation Of Lead And Zinc From Lead Zinc Pyrite Ore. Ore is increased the most obvious effect of the galvanic oxidation of galena by pyrite is the release into the system of galena oxidation products providing an ample supply of does pyrite affect galena oxidation and subsequent lead otation behaviour ore. Get Price

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