how to start a block making business in nigeria

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What is an ice block business in Nigeria?

How to Start A Block Industry In Nigeria

Jan 26, 2021 · With an investment of N800,000 or even less, you can set up a manual block industry, using a manually operated machine. This is assuming you already have a vacant land. On this scale you will be producing between 200 to 500 blocks per day depending on your strength or number of labour you employ.

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Jul 03, 2020 · The Block Making Business: A viable Industry for you. 1. Survey Your Locality/Environment. The block making business is unlike the biscuit business which you can site just anywhere. Before you begin your ... 2. Be well grounded in Block Making Business. 3. Choose a Suitable Site to establish your ...

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Mar 16, 2019 · Step By Step How To Start Your Cement Block Industry Business. 1. Acquire A Land – A 60 x 120 plot of land preferably in a new and developing site is very good, that will be able to accommodate your blocks and ... 2. Buy Diesel Lister – That will be used to power your block molding machine. There ...

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After payment text your name, your e-mail address and payment details to 08060565721 and you’ll receive your CEMENT BLOCK INDUSTRY BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA / FEASIBILITY STUDY. Executive Summary ABC BLOCKS is a business involved in the manufacturing of building concrete, bricks and blocks for masonry, builders association, housing consultant, development agencies, construction workers etc.

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Nov 06, 2018 · Recommended: How To Start POS Business In Nigeria (Mobile Banking) Item Needed For Ice Block Making Business. Ice block making machine: This is actually a dedicated machine made for ice block making. It is in various sizes; from 50 blocks capacity to 500 block capacity machine. A machine made of copper is better than the one made of aluminum.

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An ice block business in Nigeria involves the production of ice block and selling it to various vendors for their everyday use. People often overlook this business not knowing it is a gold mine that can generate a lot of income for whoever is into the business, most especially those that do it on a large scale.

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Oct 23, 2018 · The ice block making machine price in Nigeria depends on the size of the device. You can buy a small machine for ₦ 300,000, but large-scale industrial machines cost up to ₦ 2 million. It’s also possible to score a much lower ice block making machine price if you buy a used machine from Jiji! 4. How to start an ice block making business


This sample Block Industry Business Plan in Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loan, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc.. Block Industry Business Plan in Nigeria is a lucrative business that needs a lot of planning to start.

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How to start a pure water business in Nigeria . Business plan becomes imperative at this stage because it determines the level of funding required and where it is coming from the level of pure water business can range from using a two bedroom flat to blocks of flats, depending on which category you are investing in register the business with the corporate affairs commission cac and nafdac

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Funding for Ice Block Making Business. The capital required to start an ice block production business in Nigeria depends on the quantity of ice block you intend to produce per day. You can start with 50 blocks ice making machine which is less expensive and less profitable.

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Ice block business is a very good business.The demand for it is very high but you need to also have a marketing plan.The capital isn't fixed,which largely depends on how small you want to start. The machines can be got in Nigeria,although,we have both imported and locally made here.

how to start a block making business in nigeria

How To Start Ice Block Making Business In Nigeria . Ice block making business doesn’t require a large space; with a room, corridor, under stair etc you can start the business The prices of the machine is gradually coming down Before now to start ice block making business you will need from one million naira and above but now with hundred of thousands you can start the business comfortably

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The high demand for ice blocks for cooling has created a booming business opportunity in cities, towns and villages across Africa. With iced block business people are sending their children to school, acquiring more properties for them selves and achieving other things that matters to life, this means it is a profitable venture.

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is block moulding business in nigeria profitable. is block moulding business in nigeria profitable . About Us , Bank of Industry, Nigeria. Following a successful institutional, operational and financial restructuring programme embarked upon in 2002, the bank has transformed into an efficient, focused and profitable institution that is well placed to effectively carry out its primary mandate of ...

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Here is a sample business plan for starting a concrete block manufacturing company. A Detailed Concrete Business Plan; If you have done your homework, you should know by now that a business plan is a must-have resource for this business. A good business plan will let the entrepreneur see all of the details regarding the business.

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A business plan helps to clarify objectives and spells out what you want to achieve in your business. 2. Equipment. There are DIY Machines available in South Africa and there are easy to use brick-making machines at affordable prices, such as: A DIY Brick machine, making standard stock bricks from: R2 600; Output per drop: 6; Production per day ...

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2. Get a Business Name and Have Your Business Documented. This like other types of businesses that are documented needs to be documented. Since the block moulding business might not be a type to be run from home, then you must see the reason why coming up with a business name as well as getting it registered is the right thing to do.

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Housing is one of the basic needs in Nigeria and therefore the importance of blocks and micro-scale block- moulding enterprises cannot be overemphasized. For sometime now, the Federal Government of Nigeria had introduced the need for “housing for all by the year 2020”.

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