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Integration of Sentinel-1 and ALOS/PALSAR-2 SAR datasets for mapping active landslides along the Jinsha River

The multi-temporal analysis of SAR interferometry (InSAR) ... There have been more than 20 coal mines, such as Liangbaosi Coal Mine, Geting Coal Mine, Tangkou Coal Mine, Daizhuang Coal Mine ...

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There are mine management methods that can minimise AMD, and effective mine design can keep water away from acid generating materials and help prevent AMD occurring. Dust & noise Dust at mining operations can be caused by trucks being driven on unsealed roads, coal crushing operations, drilling operations and wind blowing over areas disturbed by mining.

Monitoring Velocity Changes Caused By Underground Coal

We use passive seismic interferometry to monitor temporal variations of seismic wave velocities at the area of underground coal mining named Jas - Mos in Poland. Ambient noise data were recorded continuously for 42 days by two three-component broadband seismometers deployed at the ground surface.

Low-cost fiber optic extrinsic Fabry–Perot interferometer based

2020/2/15 · 1. Introduction Fiber optic accelerometer (FOA) is typically used for vibration measurement in the field of earthquake monitoring , building structural health monitoring , oil exploration , , coal mine hazard detection , owing to its simple structure, immunity to electromagnetic interference, the ability of working under harsh environment, and small size and so on .

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Jan 09, 2016 · Machine-mounted methane monitors are required in coal mines on all electric face-cutting equipment, continuous miners, longwall face equipment, and loading machines. The function of these monitors is to detect methane liberated during the mining process and to protect the miner by giving warn-

Mine Subsidence Monitoring by JERS-1 SAR Interferometry

jers-1 sar interferometry mine subsidence mine subsidence monitoring important coal mining area coverage area effective tool height change index term d-insar abstract differential sar interferometry d-insar procedure test site repeat-pass satellite image land subsidence japanese earth resource satallite-1 monitoring land subsidence

Combining SAR interferometric phase and intensity information

interferometry technique to monitor the small deformation, after which we integrate the results under the two methods to obtain complete monitoring results. We take Daliu Tower mining of Shanxi Province in China as an example, using TerraSAR-X satellite data of

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IDS GeoRadar Interferometric Radar Solutions are developed to simplify critical monitoring. High-resolution radar system for early warning and real-time focus monitoring in open pits, quarries, strip coal mines and tailing dams.

Land subsidence mapping and monitoring using modified

Jun 27, 2020 · This study attempts to show the feasibility of the modified Persistent Scatterer Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PS-InSAR) technique with C-band SAR data to investigate the slow surface deformation caused by coal mine fire and underground mining activities in JCF.

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The invention discloses a kind of coal mining machine roller radial direction and the synchronous monitoring device and method of axial vibration, monitoring device includes the laser (1) being located on rocker arm of coal mining machine (12), first fiber coupler (2 ...

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Subsidence due to coal mining is an increasingly prominent concern in the management of the coalfields. Jharia coalfields, Jharkhand are the oldest and one of the largest coalfields in India. ... Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) is an advanced time-series interferometry technique, which calculates temporal deformation rates at mm scale ...

PDF) Monitoring of coal mining subsidence in peri-urban area of Zonguldak city (NW Turkey) with persistent

The coal seams were formed in Westphalian and Namurian stages of Paleozoic-Carboniferous system (Fig. 2).The rate and the spatial expansion of subsidence regarding the coal mining can be affected by many parameters such as thickness of seam, depth of mining, dip angle of mining, geology (Lee et al. 2013).

Multi-track N-SBAS Sentinel-1 Interferometry focused on

Multi-track N-SBAS Sentinel-1 Interferometry focused on opencast mine monitoring: The case study of the Ptolemaida-Florina coal mine in Greece Kleanthis Karamvasis1, Vassilia Karathanassi1 1 Laboratory of Remote Sensing, National Technical University of Athens, 9 Heroon Polytechniou Str., Zographos,

Mining Subsidence Land Surveying by SAR Interferometry

Figure 2. Geocoded interferometric fringe features overlaid with mine workings drawing showing mine panels and roadways. Selby, Yorkshire, UK. 21/2/93 to 19/3/93. Figure 3. Mine workings drawing showing panel numbers and progress dates of coal faces.

Sinkhole occurrence monitoring over shallow abandoned coal mines with satellite-based persistent scatterer

Hard coal has been mined in the region since the 17th century, with commercial mining starting around 1750. Currently, 30 underground hard coal mines are operating in that region, and these produce around 66 million tons of hard coal per year ().While the depth of mining was less than 50 m at the beginning of the exploitation, the currently productive hard coal seams are located more than 800 ...

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Portable frequency jammer R6 1. Overview: R6 portable frequency jammer is one broadband wireless transmitter jammer. The jammer has built-in Lithium lron Phosphate Battery, which is convenient and high efficiency to emit the electromagnetic to prevent terrorists from controlling the bombs or information leakage by wireless.

Fiber optic sensors-based intelligent coal mines

systems currently deployed in the coal mines and consequently greatly enhance coal mine safety. Keywords: Fiber optic sensor, intelligent coal mine, methane, pressure, seismic, safety 1.

Characterization of Longwall Mining Induced 187 Subsidence by

classification of persistent scatterers interferometry time series. Nat Hazard Earth Sys 13:1945–1958 Caro Cuenca M, Hooper AJ, Hanssen RF (2013) Surface deformation induced by water influx in the abandoned coal mines in Limburg, the Netherlands observed by satellite radar interferometry. J Appl Geophys 88:1–11

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This paper describes the results from the recently launched SAR satellites for the purpose of subsidence monitoring over underground coal mine sites in the state of New South Wales, Australia ...

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