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break away couplings 50 years experience in Marine Breakaway Technology The Marine Breakaway Coupling is a device designed to provide an identified safe parting point in a hose transfer system when it is subjected to excessive overload generated by a vessel moving off station and breaking it’s mooring hawser(s) or similar such incident.

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Features Designed to be installed within a hose string where the coupling will have a length of hose attached to both sides Coupling automatically senses an excessive load, closes the valves and disconnects Release is executed when force causes bolts to break

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TODO Break-Away Kiowa Ltd is a leading UK distributor of the Emco Wheaton TODO-MATIC range of breakaway couplings in sizes from 1"" to 6"" and in a wide range of material options. Kiowa also supplies a UK service centre for repair and maintenance on all your TODO couplings.

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Double closure on activation When a KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling activates, the Flip-Flap Valve mechanism closes on both the upstream and downstream flow within the hose transfer system. This minimises spill on both sides of the hose transfer separation. Instantaneous closure Spill on activation is minimised by the instantaneous closure of the KLAW Flip-Flap Valve mechanism. 100% shut-off of flow The KLAW Flip-Flap Valve mechanism provides 100% closure and therefore 100% shut-off of both upstr

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Apr 20, 2017 · The KLAW marine breakaway coupling provides a safe parting point within the hose transfer system in ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore and vessel to offshore platform transfers. The coupling is designed to activate in an emergency, such as vessel drift in stormy conditions or pressure surge.

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MannTek Safety Break-away Coupling Marine NPT MannTek Safety Break-away Coupling Marine Male NPT MannTek Safety Break-away Coupling Marine 150# Flange

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Breakaway Couplings and Emergency Release Couplings ensure the safe transfer of liquid and gaseous fluids by cutting the fluid transfer loss-free at a defined applied force. The coupling is either activated by breakstuds (BAC) or by a mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic collar release mechanism (ERC).

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Minimising risk of spills KLAW is the global leader in the design and manufacture of Breakaway Couplings, Emergency Release Couplings and Dry Break Couplers; all vital components in the safe transfer of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

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Floats for Marine Breakaway Couplings The positive buoyancy float When immersed and full of seawater, the Marine Breakaway Coupling has positive buoyancy when fitted with two UltraFloat MBC floats. UltraFloat is the most advanced and operational efficient MBC float on the market

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Dixon MSBC500SS 5" 316SS Marine Breakaway Coupling NPT x NPT, 6" ID, 316 Stainless Steel: : Industrial & Scientific

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Apr 21, 2017 · The new marine breakaway coupling launched by KLAW is called the Marine2, which is 25% lighter and 32% shorter than alternative marine breakaway couplings available in this sector and was designed and developed to reduce the stresses placed on hoses used on offshore hose reel applications.

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Marine Hose String Breakaway These new breakaway couplings are designed for marine/ offshore applications, where the breakaway coupling is mounted between two hose lines. The couplings are proven to be stable against shear forces due to the cylindrical overlap between two bodies ABVMSeries Marine Safety Breakaway Couplings

Marine Breakaway Couplings Information Paper

Marine Breakaway Couplings Information Paper 04 November 2008 Offshore marine terminals providing bulk liquid transfer facilities to tankers through floating and sub-sea flexible hose strings may be at risk of tanker breakout and surge pressures within the hose strings.

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Breakaway Couplings/Emergency Release The Industrial Breakaway Coupling is based on the proven Gall-Thompson ‘Flip-Flap’ design and provides complete shut-off of liquid flow from both sides, before the seal integrity is breached.

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Introduction and definition of the Marine Breakaway Coupling. The Marine Breakaway Coupling is designed to prevent pollution and protect the hose systems and FPSO/tanker structures during either a tanker breakout or an extreme and damaging pressure surge.

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