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2013/05/10 · I've heard do-it-yourself single-ended germanium transistor based audio power amps during the mid 1990s and to my ears, they sound as if they have almost unlimited slew rate - as in 5-million volts per microsecond. Especially

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Jul 20, 2020 · We connect 2 transistors with exactly the same characteristics. According to the circuit characteristics as in the Figure. For example: If the gain of each transistor is equal to 100, the total gain will be equal to (100×100) = 10,000. Related: High impedance small amplifier circuits. AM radio receiver with 3 transistor amplifier circuit

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In the case of many vintage germanium transistors; the base to collector feedback capacitances were very high. This results in oscillation in IF stages as the base circuit and the collector circuit have the same resonant frequency and via the base collector capacitance, energy is exchanged between the two tuned circuits and the IF will oscillate.

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2016/04/22 · Electronics Projects, Germanium Transistor Amplifier Circuit " audio amplifier circuits, transistor amplifier, " Date 2016/04/22 Once AD161-AD162 I had an experiment with pair. I still use almost every day. At first I didn’t like the ...

Redesign Germanium Transistor Circuits, Part 3

Redesign Germanium Transistor Circuits, Part 3; Necessary Circuit Changes. Germanium-to-silicon conversion. Left: Original circuit from Chapter 4. Middle: Silicon, fixed-bias version. Right: Silicon, self-bias version (much stabler). The drawings also show how to convert from PNP to NPN transistors: Reverse all polarized parts.

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Fig 3.2.1 Germanium Alloy Diffused Transistor Fig 3.2.2 Multi Layer Construction of a Silicon Planar Transistor. Semiconductors Module 3 Bipolar Junction Transistors many separate stepstop of ...

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2017/08/07 · Yes the germanium transistors have some undesirable qualities, but they can allow starting a boost converter even at 0.5 volts. Once the converter starts, the germanium transistor is no longer needed so it goes back to working on

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For low-voltage circuits, below about 2 volts, change the power voltage to 3 volts. There are two junctions in a silicon transistor. Each one requires 0.7 volt. Add in voltage drops across collector and emitter resistors, and you'll need at least 2 volts, and preferably 3 volts.

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The meltback method of transistor construction starts off with a bar of germanium about 10 x 10 100 mils. The end of the bar is melted and allowed to refreeze very

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Electronics Projects, Germanium Transistor Amplifier Circuit " audio amplifier circuits, transistor amplifier, " Date 2016/04/22 Once AD161-AD162 I had an experiment with pair. I still use almost every day.

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A site for the novice or established collector/restorer of Vintage Radio sets and Electronics.Valve (tube) and Transistor with information/projects and technical help . For the Radio Constructor we have an archive of Vintage Circuits

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2020/05/02 · It is also known as Push-Pull Amplifier and in TTL (Transistor Transistor Logic) circuits, it is called “‘Totem Pole Output” based on transistors , diodes and resistors. A servo amplifiers is used widely because of a special trait that lets them transfer energy to …

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Circuit : Chad C. Email : Description First my apologies to Chad as he emailed his circuit in August 2019 and now I've just uploaded it. In this circuit John uses a Germanium type transistor as an active detector which has the added benefit of providing audio amplification. ge type transistor like OC71 are ideal for this type of circuit.An AM voice transmitter with variable tuning.

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Germanium Transistor Leakage April 13, 2018 Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other Apps Testing Germanium Transistors Details Hackaday Io ...

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Germanium transistor circuits. Silicon devices hardly leak at all. Germanium devices often leak enough that they can bias themselves. A germanium type such as the oa90 that you can get from many electronics stores including

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The Germanium Transistor. The germanium transistor was the first to be mass-produced and made commercially available to the public. This transistor was used extensively in radio technology, helping to create the first portable AM radios, as well as the first car radios. It was even used in a few of the first guitar effect pedals in the 1960s.

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Compared to the conventional transistor it has more base and collector areas. Ancient phototransistors used single semiconductor materials like silicon and germanium but now a day’s modern components use materials like gallium and arsenide for high-efficiency levels. The base is the lead responsible for activating the transistor.

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Jul 25, 2014 · Today, probably 95% of all semiconductors are fabricated in silicon, yet the first transistor was a germanium device. Until 1960 most design engineers preferred germanium to silicon for computer logic circuits, when, suddenly, germanium was out, and silicon was in.

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Circuits At least version 3.1 of the app is needed to read all these circuits. The description and notes about circuits can be found at the bottom of circuit pages. After downloading circuits, they should be copied into the Circuits directory of the app. ...

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The one big advantage of germanium diodes, which could be a real game changer for a circuit, is that they have lower threshold voltages and, in combination, lower voltage drops in a circuit. The threshold voltage is the voltage required for the diode to conduct current across from its anode to its cathode.

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2017/04/12 · The inventors of the point-contact germanium transistor were John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain, who worked under William Shockley, at Bell Telephone Laboratories in New Jersey. In 1939, Brattain and Shockley began to work together on an electron tube replacement made of the chemical element germanium, a semiconductor .

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Adapt germanium circuits for today's silicon transistors. Get legacy equipment working again. Easy, rewarding process. Hawes Mechanical Television Archive by James T. Hawes, AA9DT Redesign Germanium Transistor Circuits, ...

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NTE Electronics NTE126 PNP Germanium Mesa Transistor for High-Speed Switching Applications, TO-18 Case, 0.2A Collector Current, 15V Collector-Emitter Voltage $10.87 $ 10 . 87 Get it as soon as Wed, Mar 3

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Details About Original Rca 36p7c Germanium Transistor For Amplifier Used Pull 2 Available Repair Of Ge Mastr Ii 100 Watt Uhf Station Power Amplifier Hybrid Germanium Fuzz H G Amplifiers 3v Germanium Transistor Radio Build This 8 Transistor Stereo Amplifier Picking Thermistor For Low Power Push Pull Output Amplifier Kay Vanguard 704 With Vibrato ...

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The Chandler Limited Germanium Pre Amp/DI is a completely new microphone pre-amplifier design by Chandler Limited designer Wade Goeke that uses classic germanium transistors in an all class A, transformer balanced circuit. The use of germanium devices opens a whole new sound palate not found in any pro audio equipment currently manufactured ...

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Title Transistor Circuit Handbook for the Hobbyist: 30 Useful Battery-Powered Transistor Circuits Author Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. Subject transistors Keywords electronics, transistor…

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You cannot replace germanium transistors with silicon transistors. All voltages, operating conditions and components have to be redesigned.

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When a single n-type semiconductor layer is sandwiched between two p-type semiconductor layers, the transistor is said to be a pnp transistor. Both PNP and NPN transistors consist of three terminals: they are emitter, base, and collector.

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Jan 03, 2012 · In my experience, almost any properly functioning germanium transistor can sound great in a distortion pedal. To cite one particular example: a certain British manufacturer sells Fuzz Face clones for the equivalent of US$600, based on his use of two rare old germanium transistors.

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Pioneer 300W amplifier circuit is working with symmetric 45v DC +-power transistors MJ15003, the NPN transistors, can be used in all MJ11016 2N3773 4 ohm speaker with 300 Watts of power. Driver card schema, pcb drawings and proteus isis simulation power transistors have cooler connects to the drive through.

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Germanium Power Germanium Signal Nanolog Devices Schottky Silicon Power Silicon Signal Zeners Electro-Harmonix & Sovtek Spares Enclosures "125-B"-Size "A"- and "LB"-Sizes "B"-Size, "G"- …

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Replacement parts in the table allow contemporary transistors to operate in circuits with obsolete germanium transistors. Such transistors include Raytheon's CK722 and GE's 2N107. The Buckwalter book uses these obsolete types.

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Jun 19, 2013 · In guitar pedal circuits, any small signal transistor of similar spec and gain will sound the same. The biggest problem is with germanium transistors, most of which leak like sieves. Simple transistor gain testers do not discern leakage current, it gets included in the gain reading and therefore you get a completely spurious result.

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Germanium is used in light emitting diodes and semiconductors just like silicon above it. A diode is a semiconducting device that allows current to flow in one direction but not the other. Germanium diodes need roughly 02v across it in order to conduct current.

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2020/12/31 · Germanium outperforms silicon in energy efficient transistors with n- und p- conduction Date: February 3, 2017 Source: Technische Universität Dresden Summary: An …

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