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Reinventing the Wheel—The Infinity-Jet - June 2004 (Vol. 73

Reinventing the Wheel—The Infinity-Jet June 2004 by Reggie Gould To all the miners who read the article, “New Life for the Suction Dredge,” printed in the December 2003 issue of ICMJ, I have an amusing update for you. I periodically

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gold dredge jet nozzle - ShiBang Machine Company In normal operation a gold dredge is run by an operator at the intake nozzle whoThe most common device is the power jet, which is installed in between the... JOBE 2.5in Gold

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Dredge Power Jet with jet log - Power Jet nozzles are available in various sizes from 2" to 6" with either single or twin jet logs. Prices are subject to change without notice. Choose your size ...

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Aug 04, 2012 · There is no doubt that jet boats are extremely useful for support in dredging projects on the larger NZ rivers. And, apart from a support role, the jet boat pumps can be used to power a dredge. In the late 1980s some Kiwi professional dredgers used a jet boat to run a production dredge on the Clutha river (no doubt the first to do this).

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Power Jet Gold Dredge A Power Jet is more efficient because there is a shorter pressure hose from the pump and therefore less friction losses. The Power Jet enters the suction line just before the sluice, which means the gravel is being “pulled” up the hose rather than “pushed” by a suction nozzle. This can help prevent blockages.

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Infinity jet for gold dredge Gold Claims Sale Apr 17, 2013 Re: Infinity jet for gold dredge Reply #6 on: April 16, 2013, 05:50:46 PM i have an idea for the abs power jet its like a suction nozzle power jet …

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2019/11/13 · The Gold-N-Sand hand dredge pumps directly into a bucket or sluice box so you can spend more time going after that gold. Legal in California. I've been asked a lot about my hand suction dredges lately. So I decided to

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2018/03/26 · gold dredge jet nozzle FOR A PORTABLE GOLD DREDGE Rosewind Mining Supply. below shows a typical power jet setup detail for a portable gold dredge (just ignore the suction nozzle in this example) this crude sketch shows a typical setup detail . using a portable gold dredge with a suction nozzle the following information should enable you to understand the basic theory of operation of a …

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Beer and Mr Google came to the rescue, and the above picture is my first working infinity jet. And boy, it sucks big time. And boy, it sucks big time. Once I figured out the building principle with the available material, I build them in in all sizes to find the smallest and largest design suitable for my 24 V pump.

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First infinity jet I have ever made. Works great and I add a back section that catch the heavy minerals and placed ribbed carpeting to catch fine gold.

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2019/09/11 · In normal operation a gold dredge is run by an operator at the intake nozzle who directs the nozzle and who captures and discards oversized rocks that would plug the intake hose. A properly set up sluice box does not need tending - all the material sucked up passes over the riffles with no extra attention needed by the operator.

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Here at Dahlke Dredge we offer state of the art gold mining equipment at competitive prices. Whether you are planning an epic gold dredge outing, looking for a custom sluice box, venturi eductor, pump or air compressor, we are here to help you! We manufacture all of our gold dredges in house, in the USA.

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Whether you are a weekend hobbiest, seasoned treasure hunter, globe-trotting gold prospector or you are looking to try your hand at dredging for the very first time! We have the right equipment at the right price for you! ... 4 HP Ultra Dredge with Power Jet. $2,843.00. Quick View. 2.5" - 4 HP Ultra Dredge with Suction Nozzle. $2,858.00. Quick ...

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The Gold-N-Sand hand dredge pumps directly into a bucket or sluice box so you can spend more time going after that gold. Legal in California. I've been asked a lot about my hand suction dredges lately. So I decided to do a brief

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Now it comes down to the awesome infinity jet. This device has the highest efficiency of any of the jets discussed in this article. The principle is completely different from any jet on the market. The water from the 360° jet (same diameter as the dredge-hose) is applied on the outer edges of the column of water. There are many advantages to ...

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DIY Suction Nozzle and Power jet Jun 01, 2013· The Jet is straight through and the gravel, sand and gold come in in the side "Y" I run it with a 1 1/2" trash pump suction is very good and I usually have a 10' hose to the jet and a 24" run to my dredge sluice, crash box or other classifier...

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3-inch – 6.5 HP Honda Jet Flare Dredge w/Power Jet & Compressor Call for Price Read more 3-inch – 6.5 HP Intek Pro Jet Flare Dredge w/Power Jet Call for Price Read more 3-inch – 6.5 HP Intek Pro Jet Flare Dredge w/Power Jet

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Pretty snazzy Couple Jet, complete 360 degrees of water for complete suction. if you want one let me know.

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Infinity jets were built by Gold Divers in Moundhouse east of Carson City and copied by many. I made at PESCO the flaired,pressure chamber fed tri-jet to easily rival the couple jet. Another tri jet,non chambered and not flaired was made by Dahlke for many years prior to Bobs passing RIP as a GREAT person,engineer,manufacturer and father.

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Keene 3" Jet Flare Dredge The KEENE 3" JET FLARE design provides excellent fine gold recovery. The jet flare and water level sluice box gives 30% more suction allowing dredge depths of nearly 30 feet. Also, the state-of-the-art ...

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Aug 26, 2010 · Double clamp the hose and open up the jet a single turn to allow a bit more water into the flow and then you can turn down your pump a little too with the same results. Alfonso at Gold Divers was 1 smart fella and his jets SUCK!!!!! For the best induction angle check your taper to see if between 11-13 degrees too for a bit more efficent push also.

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2017/09/27 · Hi everyone! In this episode we take a look at a few different type of dredges and talk with other prospectors about why they chose their dredge. We also hig...


DREDGE SUCTION NOZZLES By: Dale Russell Suction nozzles can easily be home made , with some ingenuity & a few tools. No matter what size you want to make from 1" Tube Jet …

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The lightweight, portable suction dredge allows the individual prospector the ability to explore a world of gold deposits that the old timers had great difficulty reaching. The old timers could build dams and divert the rivers in some locations, but today's prospector simply dons his wetsuit fires up the motor on his dredge and dives under water.

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2 inch Infinity Jet / 2 цола Инфинити Джет Gold Dredge DIY 3 inch part 2: 1.5 nozzle test I took the pump I made and brought it to petersville to do some sluicing. I brought with me some pvc and abs pipes that I ended up making ...

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All of our 3 Inch Dredges are equipped with Model P180 pumps, PPJF3 Jet Flares, SB3F Sluice Boxes and have a dredging capacity of 3 cubic yards per hour. Fully assembled dimensions are 73" x 46" x 13" However, the entire frame has been constructed to separate into two sections for ease of transportation and storage.

Reinventing the Wheel—The Infinity-Jet - June 2004 (Vol

Reinventing the Wheel—The Infinity-Jet. June 2004 by Reggie Gould. To all the miners who read the article, "New Life for the Suction Dredge," printed in the December 2003 issue of ICMJ, I have an amusing update for you. I periodically go through my old back issues and I found the December 1981 issue very interesting.

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4" Dredge The UlTImate in Fine Gold Recovery. The light weight, portability and affordability of our 4" dredge makes it appealing to both the weekend prospector and the serious dredger alike. Small enough to slide into a pickup, light enough to be packed into remote areas, the 4" makes an excellent one man dredge.

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Gold Dredging Forum ? Infinty jet. From: ELW0 (Original Message) Sent: 28/04/2008 6:35 p.m. Hi All, here is a photo of a Couple or Infinity Jet, made by Gold Diver USA.

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2020/12/24 · Suction dredge technology allows modern-day gold and gemstone miners to prospect and mine for mineral deposits in places where earlier miners were not able to go. This is true in the deeper rivers (3-meters or more of water

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Jul 28, 2011 · No question that many gold prospectors would love to own a dredge, and dredges are very cool pieces of prospecting equipment, but the prices for new ones are really high. Don’t forget however, that in the earliest days of dredging, there were no manufacturers, and all small suction dredges were handcrafted units made in someone's garage.

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This 8 inch commercial dredge is ideal for gold and gem recovery. Powered by an efficient 67 hp Deutz diesel engine driving our high performance P1500 pump. The P1500 pump produces 1500 Gallons per minute providing ample suction for depths to 50 feet.

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Find the best gold dredges and dredge parts for sale here at Kellyco Metal Detectors. Or call 855-910-6955 to speak with our experts. What Is a Gold Dredge? Gold dredges have been around for over 150 years, and will not be going ...

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How do I design an eductor-jet or venturi system to , Buy a "gold dredge suction nozzle" 2" and smaller is about 100USD Or do a web search for the same to see what they look like Forget about the proportional mixer type venturis ...

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