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For open pit mining the costs are $0.40/ton ore and a stripping cost of $0.50/ton of waste. SR = (3.00 -0.40)/0.50 = 5.2 tons of waste/ ton of ore i.e. while the stripping ratio is less than 5.2 it is most economical to mine the deposit by open pit. With mining of bench 8, another 5,000 ft 2 of ore (A 6) is removed.

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In certain cases of mining multiple coal seams from one pit, a coal seam can provide the boundary between the prestrip and strip elevations. In a relatively new technique that originated in 1970s to early 1980s, explosives are used to move or throw the overburden into the previous pit in …

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The mine is anticipated to become a very low cost coal producer with a overburden:coal strip ratio of just 0.97:1. The coal seam to be mined is between 120 and 130 metres thick comprising thermal and soft coking coal of varying qualities. MC Mining Limited (ASX: MCM) MC Mining is a South Africa focused coal miner with two operating coal mines.

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2020/12/16 · We also own high-grade mines with favourable stripping ratio that makes our coal cost highly competitive. Commercial mining will not unsettle CIL’s role. Commercial mining …

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2018/10/31 · Calculating stripping ratios At their most basic, strip ratios can be calculated by dividing overburden thickness by ore thickness. For example, an overburden thickness of …

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Surface Coal Mining Methods in Australia 7 Fig. 4. Dragline Working Section (Gianazza, 2010). Fig. 5. Box cut, strip cuts and spoil piles (Humphrey, 1984). mining …

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Calculating Stripping Ratios for Area Strip Mines. Mnge 315 Dr. B. C. Paul spring 2003 revised 2010 Note These notes contain information considered common knowledge to those familiar with Strip Mining. Books such as Elements of Practical Coal Mining and SMEs Surface Mining were specifically referenced

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Mining - Mining - Surface mining: It has been estimated that more than two-thirds of the world's yearly mineral production is extracted by surface mining. There are several types of surface mining, but the three most common are open-pit mining, strip mining, and quarrying. These differ from one another in the mine geometries created, the techniques used, and the minerals produced.

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Mining will proceed by advancing into the hillside until reaching the break-even stripping ratio. At this point, the highwall will remain. Under certain conditions, we may choose to take advantage of the exposed coal seam, and


2016/05/24 · thermal coal products between 10 to 18% ash on an air dried basis (“adb”). There is also potential to produce an 8% ash adb PCI product from the Kayuga and Piercefield seams. The area has a low stripping ratio even to depths

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of OP mining is the Stripping Ratio (SR), by which is on the whole meant the volume of removed waste per unit of mineral (m3 per m3, or m3 per ton). The parameter known as the SR is almost universally used and represents the amount of

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Environment Impact Assessment of Coal Mining 247 problems and lung cancer, Dust allergy and asthma, Noise hazard such as temporary or permanent hearing loss, headache and high blood pressure. 7) Mine fires-an issue for not only the workers but also the people living in ...


Mining of 50,000 ROM t/mth at strip ratio of 5 – double seam operation. Ongoing rehabilitation and closure of final void . NTSHOVELO MINING RESOURCES (MBUYELO COAL) - VLAKVARKFONTEIN COLLIERY, MPUMALANGA . Trollope Mining Services started operations in 2010. We are currently mining 120 000 ROM tons of coal per month on a strip ratio of 2.3:1.

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A strip ratio, or stripping ratio, is an important measurement related to the open-pit mining process. It represents the amount of waste material, also known as overburden, that must be moved in...


9 Average Stripping Ratio 5.06(Cum/ tonne) 10 Average Stripping Ratio for balance OB and coal 4.17 (Cum/ tonne) 11 Area of excavation on surface 363.90 ha 12 Names of …

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The initial operations will be performed at Chipanga seam with the aim to achieve higher coal recovery with a lower strip ratio. The coal handling and processing plant at the mine will have a processing capacity of 24,000t per hour. It is estimated to process approximately 17 million tonnes of coal per annum (mtpa).

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The mining proceeds around the hills and mountains, extracting the coal seam to a depth fixed by the economic strip ratio. CONTOUR MINING METHOD - Removing overburden from the coalbed with the first cut at or near the outcrop, and proceeding around the hillside.

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Stripping ratio is defined as the tonnage of waste rock to be mined, divided by the tonnage of ore to be mined from the pit. Stripping ratio is influenced by the shape of the orebody and may vary considerably during the life of the mine.

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Stripping Ratio(s) – Surface Mining | COAL MINING AND GEOLOGY 24 Nov 2012 … Coal miners measure waste in BCM, or bcy, and coal in tonnes or tons.Thus in coal SR is the number of BCM of waste that needs to be …

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Contour surface mining takes advantage of the low strip ratio coal reserves adjacent to the outcrop. Contour mining equipment includes a drill, loader, bulldozers, and trucks. The steps in contour mining begin with drilling and blasting a triangle shaped portion of overburden (in cross section) above the coal to be mined.

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Asam-asam coal mine has approximately 52 million ton reserve of low rank coal at a relatively low stripping ratio which is around 4.67. Mining Methods Truck & Shovel / Loader

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The coal seams are mined by 100 t and 130 t trucks and large front end loaders and the coal is hauled between 4 km and 1.5 km depending on the coal operations to a primary ROM crusher where the crushed coal is conveyed either to the Phola plant (refer Section 5.3.7) for washing or bypassed to a direct “to market” stockpile.

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In mining, stripping ratio or strip ratio refers to the amount of waste (or overburden) that must be removed to release a given ore quantity. It is a number or ratio that express how much waste is mined per unit of ore. The units of a stripping ratio can vary between mine types.

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2021/01/12 · Current production cost of Thar coal is $61 per ton, more than twice the international cost of similar coal under comparable geological and mining conditions like stripping ratio, water and ...

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to 200 feet, and (3) has stripping ratios (ratio of overburden to coal) between 1:4 and 10: 1. These seams are mineable under present technology and economics. Approximately 236 square miles of pit acreage

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2008/04/02 · The economic stripping ratio used to define an economic mining block in an open pit coal mining situation is rationalised by considering the time value of money, and defining run of mine recovery and mining cost as dynamic

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Energy resources: Coal - The Open University. The Ncondezi coal mine will be an open pit, low strip ratio, contractor mining operation producing 1.3 million tonnes of coal over a 25 year life of mine to supply Underground Mining Methods and Equipment

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what is stripping ratio coal mining-- CMS (Crusher Machine ... we divide the overburden thickness by ore thickness to get the stripping ratio for example ... the topic break even stripping ratio ... strip ratio in coal mining ... Read more. coal mining stripping ratio - SBM Ball Mill.

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2020/11/27 · The stripping ratio (SR) refers to the amount of waste that must be removed for a given quantity of ore in open-pit mining. It is commonly expressed as: SR=Waste (tons) / …

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12 Stripping ratio of the Herrin Coal, Shawneetown Quadrangle 18 13 Availability of the Herrin Coal for surface mining, Shawneetown Quadrangle 20 14 Thickness of the Springfield Coal, Shawneetown Quadrangle 22 15 Depth of ...

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